Greece has spent more than it ever produced

When looking out a window, it is easy to be fooled by your own reflection and see more of yourself than the outside world. This seems to be the case when US observers, influenced by their own country's fiscal debate, look at Greece. For example, Joseph Stiglitz regards austerity in Greece as a matter of ideological choice or bad economics, just like in the US.

According to this view, those who favour austerity must be obsessed with the theory, given the availability of a kinder, gentler alternative. Why would you ever vote for austerity when parties like Greece's Syriza or Spain's Podemos offer a pain-free path?

The question reflects a lamentable tendency to conflate two very different situations. In the US, the issue was whether a government that could borrow at record-low interest rates, in the middle of a recession, should do so. By contrast, Greece piled up an enormous fiscal...

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Can the UK aspire to a global role any longer?
Mary Dejevsky
The UK may occupy a permanent seat at the UN Security Council and it may have an independent nuclear deterrent, but how realistic is it to aspire any more to a global role?

Of military parades and operations
Muhammad Ali Ehsan
We have one-third of our military force deployed on the western front fighting daily battles against the enemies of the state and two-thirds of it guarding the troubled borders

Gulf of Mexico turns deadly for dolphins
Rachel Nuwer
Many critics suspect the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in April 2010, and scientific evidence is building

What might the battle for Mosul now bring?
Patrick Cockburn
The Iraqi army held Mosul for 10 years up until 2014, during which time they acted very much as a foreign occupation force widely resented by a section of the people

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Oman shows the way in consumer protection
Ali Al Matani
The laws will also open up new vistas for fair competition, and more importantly, seek to demolish the monopoly of a few players
A good idea makes the best bridge
Charles M. Blow
There was so much anti-Obama and anti-Hillary obsessing that the “pro” alternatives — to the extent that a case could be made — were obscured
The silencing of women's voices in popular culture
Sian Norris
The Bristol Women’s Literature Festival aims to continue this great feminist tradition of raising the profile of women writers from history
Of fractured Israel and divided America
James J. Zogby
What will likely emerge as the third or fourth largest bloc in the Knesset is the Arab Union — a first ever grouping of smaller Arab parties
Japanese society remains most sensitive to inequality
Yuriko Koike
Japan has lower levels of inequality than almost every other developed country. Japanese remain sensitive to inequality, driving even the richest to avoid ostentatious displays of wealth
Finally one step forward
Kamal Siddiqi
There are some who say that the real question that needs to be asked is not why Moin Khan was at a casino but why he was there in the first place
Utilising social media for a better future
Mohammed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi
I encourage officials and ministries to make use of the available digital platforms to build communication bridges
Who is winning the war against IS?
Christopher R. Hill
Many young Muslims, including some in the West, have been highly susceptible to the IS’ slick and effective propaganda
IS neither represents nor does it speak for Islam
Aijaz Zaka Syed
Muslims may say or do to dissociate and distance themselves from the despicable actions of terrorists, it seems they will forever remain in the dock
Is IS a threat to Pakistan?
Abdul Basit
One school of thought holds the view that the discussion of IS’ growing influence in Pakistan has been overhyped by the media and certain vested interests
British MPs battle it out in the kitchen
Lisa Markwell
Ed Miliband informs us that he makes potato latkes for his children, from his mum’s recipe
Oromos face chilling oppression in Ethiopia
Debasish Mitra
Plurality, respect for basic democratic values and tolerance for dissent have never been the fortes for which Ethiopia is known in the world
PM faces ire as 'political sport' mars the fortunes
Kamran Rehmat
Political intrusion in sport in these countries is a stark reality; in some, it dominates the sport per se; in others, it is just standard fare
Pakistan still trapped in its labyrinth
Roger Cohen
President Obama goes to India and Pakistan is way down on his agenda — if it is there at all. Nobody in Washington frets any longer about balancing visits to New Delhi and Islamabad
Is privacy dead in today's world?
Sabina Khan
US-based tech firms have suffered immediate drops in business since the leaks began in 2013

Oromos face chilling oppression in Ethiopia
Plurality, respect for basic democratic values and tolerance for dissent have never been the fortes for which Ethiopia is known in the world
Debasish Mitra
Syria’s unpaid and unarmed volunteers
More than 80 have been killed in the line of duty, the group says, largely because Syrian military aircraft often return for a ‘double-tap’ — dropping bombs on the rescuers.
Nicholas d. Kristof
Where is Pakistan’s Kejriwal?
In Pakistan the people are waiting for those who could lead them by setting personal examples in their public and private lives
Tariq Mahmud
Is privacy dead in today’s world?
US-based tech firms have suffered immediate drops in business since the leaks began in 2013
Sabina Khan
Can we please stop this cyber bullying?
Fans were appalled at the website for leaking them, and praised Beyoncé for being an inspiration with or without the magic wand of Photoshop
Emma Gannon
If this ceasefire lasts Putin comes out on top
If the ceasefire breaks down, the United States seems set to start arming the decrepit Ukrainian forces, inflaming a potentially-explosive proxy war in Europe between two previous Cold War superpowers
Ian Birrell
Fiscal austerity and its impact on society
Austerity-induced suffering is particularly extreme in Greece. Severe pension cuts are preventing the elderly from living out their lives with dignity
Kemal Dervis
The United States and Russia at the Oscars
Leviathan's bleak portrait of contemporary Russian life actually confirms many of the reasons why Americans have been largely dubious about Russia's ability to reform
Nina L. Khrushcheva
Colonisation never had any civilising mission
Ko’s attempt to legitimise colonialism is depraved. It smacks of intellectual perverseness and betrays an attitude or mindset of a lackey
Debasish Mitra
The enormous toll of a dying order
Taliban is far from vanquished in Afghanistan. The government of the Central African Republic struggles to establish its power. Some 1,700 clans and militias are battling for power in Libya
David Miliband
Dam to benefit the poor or the elite Ethiopians?
The mega dam is being built not to meet the future needs of the Ethiopians. Neither is it being built to sustain growth of the nation. Grand Renaissance Dam will benefit only a handful — the Ethiopian elites
Wars over water will be everywhere in Africa
Wars over water may not break in immediately in Africa but a more dangerous game of throwing counterweights or proxy wars have already started to bleed the continent, especially in its northern and central regions
Far-right nationalism strikes roots in India
The rise of the far or extreme right polity is a reality in India today, strengthening the threat of ideological contamination of politics. Social mosaic of the subcontinent is now in serious jeopardy
Why I won’t feel proud of my ‘prime minister’
We in India will probably get a man at the top office in about less than a fortnight from now, one who has denied a section of our population their very fundamental right — the right to live
Sisi cannot get away murdering Egyptians
Egypt is getting soaked in blood virtually every day. Within a trifle over 48 hours of killing over 600 people the trigger-happy forces mowed down at least 70 more
Afghanistan awaits a visionary leader
If Abdullah Abdullah, a blue-eyed boy of the American media wins the election, he will, no doubt, stir a new wave of ideologically motivated anti-Pashtun sectarianism in Afghanistan.
Salvation of the Kurds
Kurds, partly because of the Stalinist ideology they are following, and partly because of the pains they suffered in the past, wish to have an independent country
Musharraf’s story needs closure
Today, General (retd) Pervez Musharraf and his trial are unquestionably the most destabilising factors after Ziaul Haq’s gifts.
EU supporting military occupation
For thirty eight years the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco has been largely ignored by the rest of the world.
General Sisi is stoking the flames in Egypt
Holding Mursi somewhere at an army base is angering Egypt more than the illegal manner in which he was toppled. He needs to be released to prevent the situation from further exacerbation. But, Al Sisi isn’t expected to do so as he fears Mursi’s release will only magnify army’s illegitimacy