Rubik's cube to www: A fascinating journey

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Year 2014 could be rightly termed as the Year of Anniversary of Technologies. And these technologies have not only opened a new vista for the world of communication but are still shaping the Internet environment in a very big way.

Let's walk down a bit on Time Street to fathom the full implication of those technological marvels. The year was 1974. One architecture professor in Budapest was searching a suitable home task for his students to make them understand the intricacies of three dimensional designs.

When with the help of wood and sticker pasting he had made a 3D combination puzzle, he himself did not have the inkling of idea what a path breaking toy it would turn out to be. Rubik's cube was born and the seemingly simple toy completely changed the face of world of puzzle.

The year was 1984. US-Canadian science fiction writer William Ford Gibson first coined the word cyberspace in his seminal novel Neuromancer, much before the advent of Internet age.

The word has not only opened the gate for internet languages but, as psychologists suggest, it has been playing a pivotal role in psyche of individual net user too.

Then in 1989 one British computer scientist named Tim Berners-Lee wrote one software programme in a physics lab in CERN which could effectively put an address for the website so that whenever required users could easily find them. Truly a global link of information was invented in the form of World Wide Web (www), which paved the way for trillion dollars of business in the information technology era for the next 25 years.

The year was 1989. In the page 11 of  International FidoNet Association Newsletter, one suggestion regarding LOL came out sandwiched between a software release and an article regarding UFO and subsequent years would show that LOL would become one of the most written acronyms for cyberspace exclamation  for hilarious comment.

Thus a complete new genre of language would be churning out for universal net geeks.
And why language only?  In 2009 rapper Trey Songz brought a song named LOL.

In 2006 Joe Swanberg directed a film named LOL. LOL video which was uploaded in Youtube in 2010 was viewd by over 13 million. In nutshell a new format in language was born in 1989.

So where does 2014 stand now? It's in midway of so many on-going technological revolutions that barring from sudden focus, they would have gone unnoticed and future could not be visualised very clearly.

Take the case of www. From mere address of domain, this network is now main bulwark of cloud management and data mining. As the world is heading fast towards virtual server concept, www remains the same beacon.

Or think of the example of Rubik's Cube. When Hungarian Architecture professor Erno Rubik made the toy out of wood and stickers, little did he know that this toy would be sold all over the world in the years to come and would help creating global industry of Intelligent Toys.

Some even gives credit to Rubik's Cube in the field of Artificial Intelligence as the same algorithms were used in dismantling the complex mathematical equations.

The author is a senior journalist specialised in technology. All the views and opinions expressed in the article are solely his and not of Times of Oman.


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