Strategic principle of practicing silence

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A multitude of information comes our way, targeted advertisements seek our attention, work demands more of our energy, meeting requests sent across, people in our lives need our time, a stream of conversations, discussions, and arguments take place, internal dialogue within our head, decisions to be made and diverse thoughts running through our minds.

That is but a glimpse of the orchestra of life. This orchestra however may be out of tune, shaky, and clashes with one another. It sounds noisy. It lost its rhythm. Mainly, it lost its silence.

There's a powerful force in silence amid the noise and in turning down the noisy volume. Silence is often forgotten as a necessary tool in life or seen trivial. Silence may occasionally be allowed to step into our world. There are moments also when silence is used as a pause in paying respect to those impacted by a sad incident. Besides that, the orchestra is typically noisy.

Let's step back from this noise. Let's minimize the volume until its mute. When our minds are sprinting going out of breath, silence slows down our rushed thinking and clears our mind. We become mindful and more aware, rather than mindlessness. We connect to our inner self, rather than losing our compass of perspective with the noise and distractions fogging our view and hence impacting the way we behave.

Silence, used by visionaries, winning leaders, and successful individuals, is such a simple tool yet profoundly strategic that improves results across different areas of our lives. Rather than wearing a mask of success and happiness, we are able to live it authentically.

Silence do not denote silencing our voice. On the contrary, it sharpens our true voice when we silence the noise so that we speak up more effectively and influentially. Silence is not being passive. Silence makes us proactive and more focused leading us to mediate; relaxes our minds to tap into our inner consciousness and re-energise.  

Many prominent leaders and personalities are known to practice silence crediting the role it plays in their life, goals and in generating remarkable results. Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, clarifies that "maintaining a stead reservoir of energy — physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually — requires refuelling intermittently." Rick Goins, Tupperware CEO, says, "For me, it's a practice that not only burns off stress but gives me fresh eyes to clarify what's really going on and what really matters."

We are a soul in a body, not a body in a soul. That is why we don't operate as machines with an on-off button or an input-output mechanism. Our mind, bodies, emotions and spirit are interconnected. When one element is not well the other elements are impacted. When we don't cater to being emotionally and spiritually intelligent in managing ourselves then our mind and bodies lose their stability and sharpness.

When we don't tap into our inner wisdom we get distracted and lose track easily. When we don't re-energise ourselves we lose our effectiveness in return. Even when things are going great but all amid too much noise, we get carried away and our sense of insight weakens.

This tool of silence, free of charge and available to all, provides that magical access to inner power and stability. It's an inner power from the inside-out. Give yourself this power. Step away as you finish reading this giving yourself as a start just one minute of silence. Inhale and exhale deeply. That's all.
Start gradually incorporating it as a strategic practice. Learn more about it. Practice it more. Welcome it into your world. It won't be the end of the world. It will be the start of an emerging world for you that is fresher, happier, more clear, productive, and awake.

The author is a senior executive at Knowledge Oman. All the views and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of Times of Oman.  

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