Confused generation floating in fear

The generation that is passing through the earth has high expectation out of life and many options thrown in front of them with affluence. impor- tance of education is the best thing that has happened in the modern world; what happens after one is educated?

It is all about material accumulation, comforts and showing off our wealth to others. We are on a material drive and have nothing to fall back on when we crash. Parents of today are educated; machines have made their lives easy but where have they failed? Why are they not able to make the new generation more humane?

The selfish product of today is alarming. Education demands discipline, dedication and devotion to our pursuits, it is not a mere passport to making money. The so called providers of educational institutions are not literate enough to run schools and colleges, the trustees are there for power and politics.

'Learning' does not mean ac cumulation of information, it is an ability to apply the knowledge learnt and experienced at various situations. For example, do we need great intelligence in finding information from the internet? With all the information tucked in the computer; the confused generation gropes in darkness to find solutions to their emotional problems!

Learning is facing the challenges of life and misfortune. There is an urgent need for parents and teacher to introduce new methodology for the students to have better understanding of values. misery and frustrations have increased in the new wave of civilization; there is a need for a radical revolution from within. When there is no perspective of life, there is fear. A mind that is fearful, timid, anxious is incapable of clear thinking. it has various forms of neurosis and contradictions.
most of us are not aware that we are frightened of life. We pass on the fears to children, so the soci- ety remains in complexes. People always try to manipulate and convert everyone around them as they are-'fearful'.

Negative gossips, making a big deal out of nothing, brash comments and being highly opinionated are the reflection of fear. It is necessary for human beings to understand the world in totality with wars, antagonism, calamities and a beautiful way to live amidst all the facts of life.

We wish to pass on our tradition, beliefs, and culture to our children in different ways; every effort remains an exercise unless we teach them a healthy, calm, compassionate way of living without greed and violence. Value education helps people to cope with both conscious and unconscious fear.

To be rid of fear totally requires investigation and understanding of fear that is more important than creating resistance against fear that is courage. For example, we are afraid of losing a job, old age, sickness, death, public opinion etc. logic and intellect cannot solve fears of the mind.

Even beliefs like resurrection, incarnation, or scientists who enable us to prolong our lives cannot solve our problem of fear.

One has to take a journey into the problem of life and death, with searching inquiry without denials or acceptance. One has to break the psychological barriers between the fact and yourself.

The generation has to rise from the confusion of their needs and find a niche in their minds to enjoy what is given to them in this life.

Take the era forward with poise and dignity. When history turns the page, we should have left something for the posterity.

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