Emotional addiction reflects a weak mind

The weak mind of the modern man absorbs and holds every emotion and illusion; hence it hurts. It swings from desire, confusion and self-pity to emotional addiction.  Man gets sucked in to the external props that seem eternal but he is empty from within.

The happiness does not last forever and the mind longs for the satisfaction that comes from the material world. No one can be a substitute for our insecurities; fear arising out of such confusion makes man vulnerable and ready to be exploited by the world.

Fear is a chronic disease in the modern society; it comes from one's own negative emotion, irrational ambition, and social addiction. Hurt is related to the past as the mind is conditioned to store negative memories.

There is lot of unhappiness around and man is addicted to stress, fear, anxiety and unhappiness. The expectation from the social and family structure brings disappointment and disaster.

The attachment to the children becomes an addiction and parents crave for their attention. They overlook the flaws in the child to be in their good will and it is a weakness.
Dependency of any kind has its own consequences. However one cannot live in an island, we need to interact but with awareness of our consciousness. The knowledge hand holds us to the world of reality and truth and that is—'every material object or relationship are impermanent and cannot give us lasting happiness'.

The nature of the mind is to wander, be stubborn, unsteady, moody, depressed, happy, sad etc. and the modern psychologists keep screening the contents of the mind that can never be still. They try and silence the mind using drugs and man becomes an addict to the medicine. The irony is man s mind has gone beyond wanderings; it has become negative and poisonous.

We need to practice an exercise of the mind by which we can purify the thoughts; the willingness to do it has to come from within. For example- alcoholics and smokers cannot follow counseling as the mind is aware of the dangers. Willingness to get out of the addiction is a personal decision. Who can be interested in you except your own self? Discrimination of thoughts on work, purpose of life, acceptance of life, has to be done through your intelligence and intuition.

The understanding teaches you what you are 'not' and helps you to find out what you really are. Behold it as your true 'self'. Soul does not need any analysis; it is the mind that craves for reassurances. We live with two contradicting substances, hence we need spiritual mooring. When man follows the instructions of the mind without analysing he becomes a salve to it. When the desire increases insecurity gets deeper, as there is an innate fear of not being able to fulfil all of it.

Handling of desires is very important to lead a happy life. Confidence is not arrogance, it helps us to have an evenness of mind and create an energy within us that is positive.

Desire, ambition and dynamism are not wrong things but dependency on them creates mental turbulence. Mind that is in conflict and fear cannot take the right decisions. How do I cope with my limitations? Limitations are our imaginary traps. It means you accept defeat. When you want to get in to swimming pool; your first condition is to know how to swim. If we wish to live a happy life on this earth, we need to know how to live.

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