Sisi cannot get away murdering Egyptians

Egypt is getting soaked in blood virtually every day. Within a trifle over 48 hours of killing over 600 people the trigger-happy forces mowed down at least 70 more. Between the 'Black Wednesday' and Friday they killed nearly 700 silent Egyptians who did nothing wrong but demanded reinstatement of their elected president and restoration of democracy. The Egyptian army seems to have declared a war against its own people.

The stench of human blood spilled on Wednesday was still making the air in Cairo heavy. Patches of dried blood at Tahrir Square were still visible; charred remains of the makeshift encampments put up by the pro-Mursi squatters were still seen littered everywhere as a grim reminder of the bloody madness that gripped Cairo. Yet, the military shot down scores more on processions that Muslim Brotherhood supporters took out on Friday to mark day of rage. Egypt seems to have slipped into an endless season of rage.

The Egyptian crucible cracked as the madness-gripped security forces embarked upon a gory suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. In its brutality, the Egyptian troops surpassed the bloody military operation to crush a democratic protest in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989. Tahrir Square and its surroundings in East Cairo offered an 'excruciating sight to behold' with chunks of human flesh blown off by gunshots lay splattered all over.

As Cairo and its neighbourhood lay soaked to their marrows with blood of men and women, young and old, the contours of Arab Spring underwent an ominous transformation. The brutal and inexplicable crackdown of Egyptian military on Muslim Brotherhood protesters and declaration of emergency will now lead the whole of Arab society towards a violent radicalisation — worst since the Palestinian uprising.

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, on Wednesday, gave birth to a new Intifada.
The Guardian said, the Egyptian military's bloody assault on its own people marked a point of no return for the government. And that was exactly the message which came out, loud and clear, from the massacre. The obtuseness with which General Sisi sought to suppress a growing movement against a camouflaged military coup ramified the nation dangerously and beyond any quick healing. Threats of murderous civil war, the type of which we saw in Algeria in 1990s, now looms large on Egypt.

General Sisi has inflamed a nation which has so long been wanting to end repression and dictatorship. Today it is at war with itself, ominously divided into myriad fractions — army versus Muslim Brotherhood, Christians versus Muslims, Leftists versus secularists, people versus police and people versus people.

Egypt today looks like Algeria of 1992 where everyone was at war with everyone else. It took a decade for Algeria to come out of the internecine war and over 150,000 dead. We don't know what will be the cost Egypt may have to pay for the inanity of its general who had never been a guardian of democracy but a sinister opportunist waiting in the twilight zones to consolidate military's grip over the nation and to re-install the old regime — Mubarak redux .

"Egypt's ruling generals have demonstrated beyond any lingering doubt that they have no aptitude for, and apparently little interest in, guiding their country back to democracy."

General Sisi not only murdered nearly seven hundred Egyptians and created his own Tiananmen Square to wipe out all opponents of his coup he also killed the basic institution of democracy — the opposition. His show of brutality has been appalling and his subsequent effort to legitimise the murders is certainly steeped in Machiavellian cynicism worse than the one offered by the contemporary Chinese authorities in 1989.

General Sisi cannot ever justify his crime and no amount of logic or lack of it can ever wash away the blood on his hands. He must one day pay for his murders of people who had been demanding reinstatement of their president who Egypt had elected with fair degree of fairness. None of these demonstrators turned violent, none of them jeopardised the nation and none of them declared any war against the military. Yet, they were killed mercilessly, slaughtered en masse reddening the water of the Nile.

As a retrograde military rule re-consolidated its grip on the nation on Wednesday the biggest casualty of the mayhem has been the Arab world's movement for democracy, freedom from repression, human rights, pluralism and restoration of human dignity. We cannot but agree with the assessment of eminent columnist and a frontline expert on Middle East Robert Fisk. He feels that Muslims may never trust the ballot box again.

And if this happens Muslim world in general will take a frog leap backward which will only empower and reinvigorate radical outfits like Al Qaida and its linked groups who preach the use of force over ballot boxes. Radical political parties like Muslim Brotherhood may now retreat from political activities, may go underground for sometime or may undertake charitable programmes while preparing to avenge the murder of its supporters.

To these political parties extremism will now appear a better option and put history on reverse. Al Sisi will remain criminally responsible for offering the handle for extremism to revive and creating yet again the right fertile ground. Extremism has always thrived on tyranny and tyranny is what Al Sisi and his generals have offered in abundance.

The crimes of General Sisi are many and unpardonable. He gave the country a barbaric bloodbath, foisted on it an illegitimate government, sacked and incarcerated a democratically elected president, brought back the brutality of the past and has held an entire nation at ransom. He must pay for his crimes. Egyptians must now realise the crimes their general has committed against them. They must revive their revolution and bring this murdering tyrant to gallows.

The author is the Opinion Editor of Times of Oman


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Reader Comments

Brilliant, simply brilliant! Sisi will pay for his crimes. Thanks for the marvelous piece.

Mr Mitra dont write just because you need a topic to write.
Answer some questions before determining is your article garbage or sensible and who has to be blamed.
1) What is the history of muslim brotherhood?
2) If they peaceful protest why were their supporters shooting at govt officials?
3) Why were dead bodies found buried in the camp places where muslim brother hood had camps since long time?
4) If peaceful protest were being held why did they torch the govt building?
Armies job is to protect the country by enemies out and in.
But people like you dont understand what does that mean because you have never served army. You have made living by writing gossips.
I admire the decision of Sisi to take action against the muslim brotherhood.
May be you are writing these articles to please your neighbors and bosses

KM the muhammaddan brotherhood as you appropriately name them number around a billion and a half and growing rapidly. They have been around for over 1400 years and will be around for many 100s of years to come. They have on occasions over there history been infiltrated by groups of people who have tried to brutally suppress them with all there might. History is witness, that all the schemes and plots that were hatched by the forerunners of the sissy regime over the centuries were destroyed and ultimately consigned to dustbin of history. The muhammadan brotherhood is again facing challenges that it will ultimately overcome.

The Arab armies from Syria to Saudi Arabia and from Egypt to Emirates (UAE) are showing their manliness by killing or silencing their own compatriots - mostly fellow Muslims. None of these armies is capable of fighting a real war and defending their national borders- the only purpose to have an army. The tiny Israel can pull the trousers of all Arab soldiers in a day. They should all collectively hang their heads in shame. But ah! Shame is something Arab generals dont have. This is what Holy Bible says about them, "Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all! They do not even know how to blush!" Jeremiah 6:15

Considering how these filthy sub-humans of the muhammaddan brotherhood has treated the Christian minority, I am saddened that they havent killed more of them. I am looking forward to many more getting killed in the future. Hopefully the military support of the US and other nations will ensure that. These terrorist sub-humans need to be drowned in their own blood in Egypt and elsewhere, so that they will know who runs the world.

And who is the subhuman here moron ?

its Ramses Square not Tahrir Square !!!!

Thanks Mr. Mitra. I agree with you. It is the Egyptian corrupted army who is killing its own citizens. Shame on them.

Congratulations on the job well done. Please continue good work.