Timeless law of nature gives peace

Many of us feel a sense of peace and timelessness when we become aware of the reality and absolute operation of natural law. We are part of this awe-inspiring universe that cannot be controlled. Seasons of nature and life are in harmony and balance.

 Even cataclysmic events—storms, earthquakes and floods are part of a larger harmony, a natural cycle of growth and change. Nature teaches us about peace. Glimpse of almighty is reflected in the day to day rituals of nature. Pure droplets of rain that comes from the vapour of sea water that consumes the dirty waste of all species on the earth; opening petals of the flower, rays of sun, coolness of the moon, power of the mountains, remind us of the super power.

There is an order in the universe, hence there has to be an order in the human life. The changing seasons don't affect the world; it accommodates the shifting of nature, similarly each life is given a protective ability to sustain their lives. The changing emotions of humans seem to toss the mind in to chaos.

How can we search for peace when we don't follow the order of nature? We keep running after things without realizing the true value or the status of the object of the world.

Human beings cross the boundaries in everything that is given by nature and suffers; they build up sorrow and anxiety. The peace we are talking about is a function of our deep inner life. If we over rate our life and living, the joy of life is lost. Happiness has to be found in the midst of life, not in retreat   from it. Bank accounts, fame, house, or any possession cannot give peace, it can make you feel good at times but this attitude makes the mind restless and the inner self cannot take the pressure of the mind that is based on wrong value system.

People offer in colour, diction, culture, conditioning and language yet under the skin and blood vessels all human beings are the same. Riot in the mind that carries wrong value system creates disharmony in the world. We search for 'peace' as though it is a commodity; take a moment and think what peace means to you?

Where does it come from? Learn to pause in between stimulus and response, so you can listen to your conscience and exercise the attributes of the heart to make the 'best' choices.

Peace becomes an all-encompassing essence that takes us towards the path of happiness.

For example- some people live in fear, peer pressure, low self-esteem and insecurity. They will miss the time of happiness when it actually visits their lives.

Every moment life challenges you to make the right decision; confused and fearful minds cannot give you the integrity to handle your life carefully. Universal law of nature cannot fulfil the expectation of the vegetation; but man expects everything to happen the way he wants so any change in life becomes his enemy and change is an inevitable part of life. So even small things make us lose joy of living.

Proud person creates his own obstacle; he is competitive and tries to raise himself above others, pride in love is measured by the number of likes on the face book, pride in kindness means recognition and giving more than others. 'pride' is the ultimate parasite and it gives no peace.

The cry of competition is louder than the whisper of our conscience. The success is always in being different or doing something different and not just competing. Mere debates on non-violence and empowerment of the weak cannot get us the peace; the universal conscience has to be tapped. Nuclear weapons are in the minds of the people; learn to diffuse it and there is only peace in the world.

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