This is the end of the two-state solution

The US Secretary of State John Kerry's valiant effort to save the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is about to end in failure. Though achieving a substantive settlement was always a pipe dream, this latest disappointment will render the United States unable to preserve even the façade of a "peace process" that was all process and no peace. And that might not be such a bad thing.

The negotiations are failing for several reasons, beginning with Israel's continued colonisation of lands occupied in 1967, despite opposition from the international community, including the US. If anything, Israel has accelerated settlement construction since the latest round of talks began, while escalating its demands, especially regarding the stationing of Israeli troops in the Jordan Valley. Releasing a few dozen Palestinian prisoners is no substitute for genuine concessions on a multitude of contentious issues.

Making matters worse, the US has continually refrained from using its substantial leverage to compel Israel to change course, owing to the domestic political strength of the pro-Israel lobby, especially the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Tellingly, Kerry appointed Martin Indyk — a British-born Australian citizen, who began his political career in the US working for AIPAC in the early 1980s — as the principal US facilitator. Another obstacle to a peace agreement has been the division between Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Fatah-controlled West Bank. This, too, is rooted in American and Israeli intransigence — specifically, their refusal to accept Hamas's victory in the 2006 election and recognise the group as the legitimate Palestinian...

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Fahd Husain
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Debasish Mitra
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Turkey must take the lead role to end conflict in Syria
The Syrian civil war is not something from which Turkey can stand aloof and take no interest. Turkey needs take a leading role in ending the bloodbath in Syria
Adnan Oktar
Story of mankind is yoked to the rodents
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Indian democracy is a fig leaf that obscures failures
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John Elliot
Obama is taking US into yet another war
The US who overthrew the government in Ukraine and appointed a stooge government that has threatened the Russian provinces of Ukraine, falsely accuses Putin of ‘invading and annexing Crimea
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In the last century alone, it was Europe that was the cauldron of hatreds and conflicts. During just time period, major wars and other conflicts took the lives of almost 100,000,000 souls
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Bullying tactics in the Oscar trial
So what appears evident is that Gerrie Nel’s tactic is to try to break Oscar Pistorius on the witness stand; to place him under so much pressure that his defence collapses.
Oliver Duff
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This is the end of the two-state solution
The most likely outcome now is the establishment of a single unified country within the borders of the 1922 British Mandate for Palestine, including all of present-day Israel and the occupied territor