Indian women target of a vicious campaign

Vilification of women in India has probably never been more mortifying. The beast of India's quintessential patriarchal society hit back at its women in perhaps one of the ugliest manners ever. The nation's face of patriarchy, Mulayam Singh Yadav demeaned women by expressing solidarity with rapists. The Samajwadi Party supremo, infamous for his misogynic stands, justified rape of women. 

At a recent poll rally, Yadav shocked the nation saying rape is a mistake that boys may make but for which the offenders should never be hanged. It was not a foot in the mouth statement from one of the top veteran Indian leaders. It was a deliberate effort to slight women by justifying one of the most heinous crimes against humanity. It reflected the attitude of Indian politicians towards our mothers, daughters and sisters.

His party colleague, Abu Azmi, went a step ahead of his leader and sought to crucify women for being raped. He regretted why in India only the rapist be punished and hanged. He strongly advocated that women victims of rape, too, should be equally indicted for the crime and be hanged. 

Both these leaders are over 70 years of age, representatives of a primeval patriarchal society and are not known for their empathy for issues related to women. But the country was grieved beyond all consolation when a young film actor and a Trinamool Congress candidate, Deepak Adhikari (Dev) equated his experience of being into politics with the excitement of a rape victim. "It is like getting raped. Either...
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Turkey must take the lead role to end conflict in Syria
The Syrian civil war is not something from which Turkey can stand aloof and take no interest. Turkey needs take a leading role in ending the bloodbath in Syria
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