Toxic generation

The ethical cells imbedded in man are fast disappearing and there are people on this earth who are challenging the very existence of human life. It has deeply affected the upbringing of the new breed. They seem amoral, devoid of any ethical sense and awareness.

How is the changing tide of the civilizations affecting the growing generation?  What is deepening the gender differences?  How are we going to handle the waves of toxins that are ready to consume the human race?  The difference between the boys and girls of today – both the genders have problems of different kind.  Dr Leonard Sax talks in his book about the modern culture and how it has affected the younger generation.  Girls are driven by anxiety, they are over achievers.  

Girls are anxious about weight issues, getting into zero size jeans, get a bit political and manipulative, hence remain unhappy.  They are in depressed mode, trying break away from their own traditions. The famous psychiatrist from the University of Washington says – girls are more stressed than my patients in the forties.

The girls thirty years ago were simple, happy and carefree, they were free of technology that gave them the time to be more creative and original in their living patterns. Boys have become lazy, adrift and lack enthusiasm in life. They are less motivated to pursue career or be productive; they are happy to be eating, sleeping, watching porno, and play computer games. These are the observations made by famous psychologists.

Video games affect the performance for boys (six hours a week is recommended, anything above is harmful).  They suffer from displacement effect leading to attention deficit disorder.  Medications will not help, there are other ways to correct it.  You need to turn off the television and video games.  

Who helps them to become a man?  The community has to give him that awareness, instead he thinks winning the haggard lady in the video game is making him feel like a man!  His mind is fixed on the indoor games.  As long as they are fixed to the machines, nastier they are in the real world. It makes them violent and not wanting to interact with people.

They either get obnoxious or lonely when they face the real world, they turn to drugs and thieving. They try to turn to another teenager for help and advice and that puts them in a maze.   Friends mean everything to them as they don't want to hear anything other than what they think is right.  Parents don't have the time to communicate and the kids don't want to talk to the parents.  Children think parents are frozen in time.
Girls are caught in the cyber bubble – texting 24/7, late nights with cell phones and skypes on.  Boy friends, latest gossip, sleep deprivation, hence they are not relaxed to focus on their future.  Who sets these standards?

Facebook, when not used in the right sense is another hazard.  In the olden days girls would write pages in their diaries with their pens on role models or what they want to be and it was private.  They would only achieve their dreams.  

Facebook is all about photos, no one wants to read.  Younger lots are seldom honest when they write as they don't know who they are or what have they accomplished.  It is a persona presentation, it is a product they want to float in the market about themselves, they are in a mask, performing and not living.  People are on Facebook for 30 hours a week, hence the part of the brain is not used.

Parents say that we don't have to monitor what our kids are upto.  It is an intrusion.  This is an escapist attitude, it is a commitment to be a parent and you can never be an intruder.  Charger of the cell phone should go into the parents' room.
The computer should be in a public place in the family.  Children need monitoring.  Parents cannot be friends nor policemen, they are responsible for bringing up healthy children.  Authoritarian parent makes the child violent and maladjusted.  Permissive parent makes the child take to drugs and abuse as he expects a certain authority over him.  He wants to be guided and cared for, as that gives him security and confidence.
He gets aimless and de-motivated. Authoritative parents know the value of correcting their children. Fear gives discipline in a healthy way and there is a sense of balance. Your anger should be with the awareness to put the kids on the right track.  

You cannot lose your temper.  You have to live as the role model instead of fearing your children.  You have given the right to breath for them, you should know the level of progress in him.  Be confident in front of him, every child wants his parents totally in control. The toxic culture has spread far and wide, the antioxidants are within you to eliminate the poison.    
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