Now is the time for Saladin to lead again

Zionist intentions are now clear as crystals. Israel wants to keep the Palestinians stateless and even homeless ad infinitum. For sixty four years the Jews have strangulated Palestinian aspiration for freedom, methodically stripped them of their land and homes colonizing with brazen shamelessness what never belonged to them and have created a bizarre political yin-yang in West Asia.

For well over half a century fear, bitterness and phantoms of enslavement have been daily companions of the Palestinians.

Humiliated and perpetually persecuted these countryless and non-citizens of our planet have been reduced to eternal residents of refugee camps — uprooted by force of arms and deception. Yet, in the face of this immense shame and mortification they have survived, "kept alive their history and culture, passed keys of family homes in occupied Palestine from one generation to the next" only in the hope of acquiring citizenship of a country which they too would call their own.

Israel has always bestridden the world on deception. It has been successful in killing Israel-Palestine two-state solution. And now it is out to kill the last hope of the Palestinians — creation of a single nation based on justice, equality, peace and reconciliation where both Jews and Arabs can live. Driven by one-point agenda, zionism, Israel has already put into use its craft of deception to kill and undercut the growing demand for single-state solution "for tactical reasons to obtain the long-term goal of unlimited Israeli power in Middle East."

Israel does not want single-state solution to the Palestinian mortification. Because, it never believed in equitable settlement with the Arabs. Neither did the zionists believe that the Arab Palestinians are humans too. Pluralism had never been a forte of the zionists and "everything that happens in Middle East is viewed through the prism of what is best for the Jewish people." The agenda is to retain "Israel as the exclusive national homeland of the Jewish people." In the single-state solution to the nationality issue of the Palestinians Israel fears delegitimation of Israel as Jewish Disneyland.

Therefore, the question asked by columnist Ahmed Moor is pertinent. It is worth asking today whether permanent occupation is good for the Jewish people.

Palestinians learn about thousands of years of Jewish suffering, persecution and genocide, and we wonder whether Israel can really be the height of Jewish achievement. Did the Jewish people survive for so long only to become another people's occupiers and permanent oppressors?

Preservation of Israel as an exclusive domain or the promised homeland of Jews is a bogey, a deception the Jews have been putting into use for centuries through history. Today, it has become an expensive myth and lamentably "the cost is borne almost exclusively by Palestinians living under apartheid." The ground realities prevailing in West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip make one-state solution, creation of a single state between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, de facto.

Thus the green shoots of a different Palestinian "struggle for human dignity and freedom is edifying. The call for equal rights is energizing and uplifting. And in a region where hope founders and falters so frequently, that's saying a lot."
Die hard adversary of the one-state solution Alan M. Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, says that the proposal is a prescription for disaster. He advocates a version of what was then known as "Alon Plan," which, in effect, postulates annexation of portions of the captured territories necessary for Israel's security but precludes Israeli civilian settlements in other captured areas.
The more orthodox and far rightists among them want Israel to annex and settle the entire West Bank, make it part of Israel, but deny its Arab residents the right to vote and become citizens. This is the real intention of Israel because in its exhibition of extreme intolerance and xenophobia against the Arabs it regards one-state solution a risky proposition. Israel's continued and crass rejection of Palestinians' right for return to their homeland smacks of apartheid and an endeavour to delegitimate history.

It is certainly vulgar on the part of Alan M. Dershowitz to say that Palestinians' right for return is simply another ploy to secure a one-state solution. The one-state solution, it must be remembered, is a significant climb down on the part of the Palestinians. For sixty four years these people of nowhere have cherished the dream to have their own country with right to

Israel will never let sovereign Palestine to happen. Neither will it facilitate one-state solution where Arabs can have equal rights. It wants to prolong its occupation of Palestinian territory and transform the physical and demographic landscape in a manner which would fit best its vision of greater Israel under
Jewish sovereignty.

The concept of prolonged occupation gives Israel enough legal space to transform a temporary belligerent occupation into permanent Israeli rule say Jeff Halper and Itay Epshtain. This is a "self-serving concept devised by Israel to augment its freedom of action in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) while diminishing its responsibility toward the inhabitants."

Greater Israel must be resisted whatever it takes. And the hypocrisy of Israeli lip-service to the idea of Palestinian statehood too must be exposed. Arise Saladin and pick up your sword once again. Time needs you to reoccupy what has always been a rightful possession of the Arabs.


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