Proud owner of a 'priceless' watch

Muscat: Nawabzada Aminullah Khan Raisani, the ambassador of Pakistan, is a proud owner of an antique watch that was awarded to his grandfather, Nawab Asadullah Khan Raisani, by the order of Queen Victoria.

Referring to the news article, 'Qatari royal pledged world's most expensive watch to Sotheby's', that appeared in Times of Oman, November 11, the ambassador believes that the watch that he owns is also very valuable, keeping in mind its antiqueness and exclusivity.

"This watch was given to my grandfather who was the chief of the Sarawan — princely State in Balochistan in 1920. That time Balochistan was part of British India under the British Empire.

The British government decorated him knighthood — only Nawab awarded such decoration from Balochistan province. He was appointed as CIE (Council of Indian Empire), a title given by the British Empire," he said.

In 1930, Nawab Asadullah Khan Raisani was given a medal by the AGG (agent to the governor-general) of India under the British rule who represented Queen Victoria.

"With the medal this watch was given to my grandfather," he added. "The watch is Swiss made by Hamilton & Company, Calcutta. It is beautiful and unique," he said.


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