Mind made world

Knowledge is assimilated through experience as mind cannot digest the reality of truth. When there is a mental identification, we are trapped in time.

We get compelled to live in memory and anticipation; we live in the regrets of the past and fear of future. Past gives us a sense of identity and we try to re live those moments but in reality they are gone. The unknown future keeps hanging in the mind and we live with the hope of good times. The happy and unhappy moments occur like the sun rise and sunset.

For example- when the sun sets, there is darkness around so we light the lamp; same way in the moments of unhappiness, we need to think of the happy moments in life instead of drowning in darkness.

The only thing that is available to us is the 'present'.
We carry different personalities within us as the mind keeps the issues unresolved and we hang on to the past and peep in to the future.

Positive thoughts and prayers teach us to enjoy the present moment just as the flowers bloom and spread their fragrance without hesitation but we seldom recognize the depth of
such teachings.

They are meant to be lived and bring an inner transformation. Even our past was present at one time, so we cannot truly compartmentalize the time. Return to the awareness of yourself and not allow the mind to collect wasted feelings.

Some people talk of renunciation when they feel helpless; one can give up the possessions but no one can leave the mind behind that is embedded in emotional pain which is part of the
egoistic mind.

Yoga of renunciation means giving up of all fruits of your action.
When the egoistic mind runs our lives there is no contentment. The ego identification walls are your possessions, work, status, recognition, education, personality, family history, collective and other identifications.

All these are not you; sometimes don't you feel that you are living with personalities from within who are strangers? Unless we know who we are there is nothing to meditate on.

For example- simply knowing about the disease cannot cure the problem, so also knowing that ego kills the joy of life is not enough; how do we overcome that mental illusion in order to find happiness within ourselves?

Problems are mind made and we nurture them as we have found comfort in the darkness of ignorance. The stereotyped mind patterns have created unimaginable suffering in human life. When there is awareness of truth there is no sorrow or pain.

The complexity of human mind is beyond the cosmic perception and what lies beneath is silence and joy. In a state of total happiness, one can pursue their goals without imaginary expectations. The fear, anxiety, stress, depression is all mental creations that has no root or base hence there is no solution.

In the deeper level we are complete, joyous, happy and energetic; we need determination to reach our goals. Fear makes us inactive and the failure puts ego under pressure.

We respect the material world, honour it but learn to live with the awareness of its impermanency.

One need not renounce this world to understand the truth; just get out of the illusions of the mind and break the chain of collective human psyche.

Man made things have short life so also mind made things have no permanency. Human energy is spent on shadow fight till the last breath and what a waste of human life!


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