Stress is an addiction

Every human being is part of the natural environment. We have many biological clocks within us that get regulated by the universal system. Our nervous system also has the same ebb and flow of the ocean and our activities are connected with the hormones that are linked with the chemicals of the earth.

For example-the cortisone levels produced by the adrenal glands in the blood reach their peak at the start of the day, they are at different points all through the day, body temperature also varies all day; these body rhythms are like waves of nature that are passing over us.

Fighting the waves by challenging the natural cycle is like trying to stand up on a surfboard at the wrong time. Balance of mind will produce balance of the brain s chemistry. Stress that emerges from the imbalance of the body mind complex is a reflection of undue pressure of  experience.

It is a helpless situation that comes out of extremely demanding mind. There is no end to human demands and no one has the patience to wait or willingness to work towards the goal. Every pleasure in this world has a price to pay and that is the universal system.

Man is unable to handle happy or unhappy situation with an integrated mind. Fear and anxiety give rise to neurochemicals that circulate throughout the body and affect many different parts of your body. The digestive system shuts down, high pulse rate, energy drain takes a toll on the mind and body so people get addicted to that energy.

Life does not seem on a high if the stress hormones are not present all the time. However busy one is he has to find time to be away from interruptions and responsibilities and meditate on one s own life and remove the obstacles on the way to his goal. Quite place need not mean quite mind so let the thought flow till you get exhausted
of thinking.

You will feel the thoughts getting separated from you, they move away but don't cling to them out of your habit. Let it drain out and fresh flow of energy will spring from within you, embrace it and you will find a happy way to reach your goal.

The five senses: hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are the five gateways that make us aware of all environmental influences. If we keep these senses healthy and balanced, they will filter out harmful energy and restore good health. Sounds of nature-waves in the ocean, chirping of the birds, droplets of rain, thunder, rustling of tree leaves, desert wind soothes our minds. They are divine hence music that is related to these sounds is melodious; it stimulates refined energy from within. Distorted music of today disturbs the mind. Hearing good and kind words make us pious and gracious.

The neuromuscular integration exercise and certain points on the body though which the energy is routed to various areas are to be known for relaxed living.

The sense of sight- it provides greatest perceptual information; tired eyes, headaches, muscle twitches are symptoms of stress.

Whatever we see remains in the memory bank until we make an effort to filter it out. Media exposes us to violence, argument, controversy and we have become immune to mental terrorism.

We are addicted to violence in the mind. The reflection of the world depends on what colour glass you wear. Sense of taste-we need to satisfy six different tastes every day, need to eat soul food that your culture recommends. The fear of food, gaining weight, slimming regiments create stress and depression.

One need not be obese but eat carefully. Human beings have a certain body weight to maintain and it is not the same everyone. Food deprivation is a major disease. Sense of smell evokes memories and emotions.  So store good data in the memory bank to avoid stress.

 Distressing yourself physically is like putting out fire only to find it burning again. Awareness of yourself will help you go to the root of the problem. Any addiction need a rehab centre but stress can be relieved through filtering the mind of all unwanted junks and keep the healthy channel alive.


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