Destruction of the soul, not the world

The pendulum of time has started moving towards the destruction of the soul and not the world. The injustice, negative energy, greed, intolerance, mathematics of money, corruption, immorality, indiscipline, power craze have made man indebted to the creator of the universe. There is no escape but  to  surrender to the natural calamities, unknown diseases, mental perversion, and many other problems. It is pure science; every action has to have a reaction. The loosing of the brain power will lead to further destruction of the soul. We have agents, service industries, fund managers to instigate the greed; all we need to have is money. We have parted from the very source of life (soul) and sold it in the market that has no returns. These external agents create only "self interest" and make man forget the purpose of his existence. Marketing products to religion has become a fashion and we make people believe in exactly what we want them to trust.

Satellite facilities have enhanced the marketing strategies as we switch off our minds while watching television; people en cash on the empty minds. "The brain hype" of the 21st century is like a bubble as it is borrowed, the so called smart generation has information technology on their fingers but that does not reflect their creativity or personality. There is a herd morality looming in the world that is thoughtless and corrupt. The aesthetic beauty of the creator is forgotten, the nature that glows around us is wasted and we talk and read about the world getting destroyed at this moment. Such fears come from fear of oneself, man is afraid to face himself as he is slowly selling his soul to satisfy his greed. Fear of situations, war, people can have a solution but man has started fearing himself, he cannot be in solitude, he has to be involved in destroying something around him due to fear.

The computers have taken over our minds as it can store all the data we need, of course we talk about convenience and speed; however we need to understand the concept of time, space and the brain power that we are born with. If we don't use it the brain can get rusted and it is of no use. My question is if we have become brain lazy, how do problems like depression, stress, frustration and the rest of the mental issues take a toll on our energy? What is man trying to do? Is he destroying himself and spreading the rumour that the world is coming to an end? The whole buzz of money market has no meaning as the fruits of man's pursuit of materialism may be consumed by his children. He spends his energy in making money and forgets to save his soul. If only man learns to think and not sell his soul, he will learn to keep his  soul nourished by keeping his human culture alive. Spirituality is also packaged and sold in the name of charity; knowledge is imparted to uninterested people. Charity has to be individual, one cannot collect money from others and give charity, and it does not work that way.

The western world that vehemently marketed materialism and individualistic way of life has started realizing the futility of it and the eastern world has consumed the "bug' of  and carrying the burden of ancient culture on their shoulders. Find the source of energy within yourself and listen to the command. The mind that functions in the groove of habit is a dead mind. Flowers should have butterflies, springs on the hills, moss on the rocks, man should have a beautiful mind and soul. The world is not going to end, man has lost his battle.


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