Who does the world belong to?

There is so much distress and agitation on where does the border end for each nation? The line of difference is only for practical purposes to enable people to live in harmony with their own culture and habits as man is a creature of habits.

Who gave the authority to fight over land; man gets six feet of space on the earth to get him buried or cremated, what do we really own that we should fight for more space?
Have we maintained the world that is given to us?

The survival of the fittest is for the animals; the humans have a goal, a purpose to fulfill before he departs from the earth as he comes with the balance sheet of his previous lives. One should focus on the quality of life rather than proving the ego point to others. Our credit of good action gets registered in the cosmic system; we have nothing to prove to anyone. The system churns out the balance sheet of every individual and people get what they desire and we work towards our destiny.

The relationships that come our way in the process of living is a connection of energy desired by us and we have to learn to live and fulfil the formed desires. What is important here is the accommodation, adjustment, forgiving nature, understanding the purpose of life, ability to monitor our speech, control over the mind, realizing that everything changes with time like different seasons; what do we own really?

Why man is unable to enjoy his life brought by him; instead he complains, and blames   others for his own misfortunes. Existence gives you nourishment, life, light and everything you need. Nature is the encyclopedia of life and the essence of human existence is woven in every fibber of life. We are part of the universal system and we do not enjoy any personal will other than making a choice of different options towards your goal.

For example- if your destination is to reach the airport from home, there are different routes one can take but the goal cannot change as that is predestined. The wounded nature takes a toll on human life as man has left no stone unturned to exploit and destroy the environment. In fact at the deepest level we are a mystery; we keep arguing about our existence but we are universal.

The word 'I' is practical but it is fiction. For example-you have a name, someone gave it to you. By constant repetition you start getting identified with it. Names are needed for others to identify you, but the truth is there is only a pure existence, being. This being is not separate from the universe. The ego is just a useful fiction- use it but don't get deceived by it.

Ego remains when you keep maintaining it because fiction needs great maintenance,  truth  exists  on its own. We have created our own prisons, borders, walls, names, titles, religions, communities, castes and the list is endless. We dream of freedom, ownership of land, nation but in reality none of these exist. We have invented schools like prisons, push the kids into cemented buildings with no nature around them, institution of marriage has turned in to a prison, motherhood is viewed by many as a bondage. We have no control over our lives although man's ego will not permit him to view it that way.

Our ego wants to be fed by false illusions of ourselves and it leads to insanity. Our minds have become very noisy; can we ever have a conversation without the sound of the television?

Creating positive, harmonious environment is an investment for further evolution of man. One cannot lose something that they don't own, we don't own the earth, water, space, light and the sky; what are we fighting a battle for, why are we destroying each other?

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