More than just a moustache - Adolf Hitler vs Charlie Chaplin

by Pradeep Govind
For illustrative purpose only. Photo - Dan Klimke via Flickr under Creative Commons License
I wonder how these two men with apparently nothing in common except a toothbrush moustache and perhaps a love for Wagner could have similarities just because their birth signs fell in the zodiac sign
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Cavemen's rock music makes a comeback
Thousands of years after they resonated in caves, two dozen stone chimes used by our prehistoric forefathers will make music once more in a unique series of concerts in Paris

Melting away: vanishing ice warning for 'Africa's Alps'
Experts warn the ice is melting at "disturbing" rates, and that within two decades Africa's equatorial peaks will be bare rock, impacting agriculture and tourism

Paraguay group turns garbage into sweet melodies
The Orchestra of Recycled Instruments will mark a notable chapter in their history this week when they will be opening act for US heavy metal band Metallica on a six-nation South American tour

British Museum shows Vikings' softer side
The Vikings are renowned as bloodthirsty warriors, but a new exhibition at the British Museum aims to show the cultural achievements and trading skills that spread their influence far and wide

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High on Thai
At the Asia Restaurant in Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa,chefs Wasana and Amom Munthi bring the trademark dishes of Thailand to town
Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali: An extraordinary journey
It is a year since Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali, founding chairman and editor-in-chief of Times of Oman, passed away. His memories and legacy continue to live on
From gas to submarines, Great War was crucible for deadly innovation
Fighter aircraft, tanks, submarines, heavy artillery: the horrors of warfare between 1914 and 1918 were a crucible for deadly technological innovation, including the poison gas symbolizing barbarity
Small drones hit US regulatory turbulence
Hovering like mechanical sparrows over a windswept Maryland field on a bright Saturday afternoon, small drones seem harmless -- but they are at the center of an ardent dogfight over US regulations
'Empire of the Sun' internment camp forgotten in China
No public memorial marks the former Shanghai internment camp made famous by JG Ballard's novel "Empire of the Sun", where more than 1,800 foreigners were held by the Japanese during World War II
China horses fight in Lunar New Year battles
Hooves clash in mid-air, a stallion bites his opponent while delighted spectators cheer wildly -- in southern China some saw in the Year of the Horse by watching the animals fight.
Unexploded munitions a threat in Sudan's Darfur
That means Darfuris returning to their fields to sow their crops can "never be 100 percent confident" weapons are not lying dormant in the soil ready to explode
Saddle up for a bumpy Year of the Horse, warn Hong Kong astrologers
Conflicts, disasters, record high temperatures, an economic chill in Asia and more trouble for Justin Bieber -- the upcoming Year of the Horse is set to be a dramatic one, say H.K. feng shui masters
Sorcery, spirits and sacrifice at Morocco Sufi festival
The festival of Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch brings Moroccans from far and wide to venerate a 17th century Muslim saint and his servant Lalla Aicha
Urban gardens greening Berlin rooftops, airfield
Tomatoes, veggies and herbs are sprouting from Berlin parks, a shopping mall rooftop and even a former airfield in community gardens that pioneer farmers say add green spice to urban life.
Italian violinist strikes a chord with street children
A leading Italian violinist has swapped gilded concert halls for audiences of street children around the world, using music therapy to help those less fortunate.
Tips for writing a good article
Writing takes practice and you have to work and develop your writing skills bit by bit. Here is a list of some valuable tips for writing a good article
The ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of writing good short stories
Today’s article focuses on how to write good short stories.
Saudi expulsions leave broken dreams in Africa and Asia
Around 120,000 Ethiopians have been deported in the past month alone as part of a visa crackdown aimed at pushing more Saudis into employment to ensure future political and economic stability.
Pakistan's 'ghost schools' threaten next generation
In a decrepit white-walled classroom in southern Pakistan, Bushra valiantly struggles to keep discipline as a dozen girls run and scream around her

Habitable planet found
A planet with conditions that could support life, orbits a twin neighbour of the sun, is visible to the naked eye, revealed scientists
British firm drills for Ethiopia’s first oil
Tullow, a London-based explorer, is targeting East Africa’s Tertiary Rift, a geological fault that’s yielded oil in Uganda as well as Kenya. For the company, an Ethiopian find may prove a new oil province
How to choose your writing form and communicate your creative thoughts
A short story is a fictional tale, which is written in a natural, narrative language. Short stories can in principle be about anything, and you can either base them on something real or realistic and depend on real figures, numbers and data.
Difference between Fossil Fuels and Biofuels
Oil, gas, and coal, are a huge source of new CO2 which we are bringing up from deep undergroun­d, burning and adding to our atmosphere
Hybrid power plants: Renewable energy’s newest trend
Latest research suggests solar–wind hybrid power plants approximately twice as efficient
Pakistan feudal dynasty receiving tough challenge from 'Robin Hood'
Son of an illiterate labourer and part-time wrestler shows how a man of modest means can mount a credible challenge to deep-rooted patronage system
Matt Damon is in a battle with one of America’s most powerful industries
Matt Damon is star and co-writer of the year’s most controversial movie — Promised Land, a thinly-veiled attack on the contentious oil and gas drilling technique known as fracking, target of massive environmental campaigns.
Renewable Energy: Made for Oman!
If any nation has the opportunity to become a renewable energy giant, it is the Sultanate of Oman as it is blessed with abundant sunlight and a reasonable supply of wind all extant within a comparatively small territory.
The redemption of Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne is ‘Paranoid’ as pop’s most outrageous couple seem to have finally parted — the big question that everyone wants to know is if it is for good...
Ghulam Azam: Islamist mastermind of Bangladesh war crimes
Prosecutors have compared him to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. They described him as a "lighthouse" guiding war criminals and the Pakistani military to commit many of the 1971 atrocities.
British firm drills for Ethiopia’s first oil
Tullow, a London-based explorer, is targeting East Africa’s Tertiary Rift, a geological fault that’s yielded oil in Uganda as well as Kenya. For the company, an Ethiopian find may prove a new oil province
Profile - Lujaina Mohsin Darwish
Lujaina Mohsin Darwish, mother of a three and a half-year-old daughter, is the Joint Deputy Chairperson of Mohsin Haider Darwish L.L.C group of companies.
Pakistan's Mother Teresa
Abdul Sattar Edhi, affectionately called the ‘Father Teresa of Pakistan’, is a pioneer of the largest welfare system of Pakistan dedicated to providing services to the elderly, orphans, unwanted babies, drug addicts, the mentally ill, and the sick.
Profile - Muna Al Balushi
Muna Al Balushi works in Oman United Insurance Company as an Assistant General Manager. She has 2 daughters; elder one aged 3 and half years and younger one aged one year. She has been associated with the company since the last 15 years.
Baobab the tree of life finds roots in Oman
Dhofar is known for its ancient sites, biological diversity, cultural heritage and historic significance. It is also the place where you can find the tree of life in Oman
'Afghan girl' photographer tells stories behind images
Photographer Steve McCurry remembers exactly how he got his famed 1983 shot of two Pakistani waiters passing a tea tray precariously along the outside of a moving train.
Profile - Dr. Navneet Saini
Dr. Navneet Saini, works with Oman United Insurance Company as an Assistant Manager Medical and Life Division. She handles the medical insurance division of the company.
Profile - Dina Al Zedjali
Dina Al Zedjali is currently studying Business Administration at Gulf College in Muscat, Oman. She has three daughters; eldest 12-years-old while the other two nine and three and a half years old respectively.