The hunt for the next B-Boy World Champion begins

The hunt for the next World Champion B-Boy began this month when the 2013 Red Bull BC One season kicked off launching a series of Cyphers in every corner of the world. 

Since its founding 10 years ago, Red Bull BC One has earned a reputation as the premiere one-on-one B-Boy Championship. From the first global competition held in Switzerland, the community has grown immensely alongside the resurgence of B-Boying culture as a whole.

 It's not the first time that this region and Oman in particular welcomes the competition which involves adrenalin-inducing performances replete with high-energy moves, fast footwork and cutting-edge styles. Last year Omani B-Boy, Mazin Sulaiman Al Rashdi emerged the winner of the Red Bull BC One Cypher in Oman after battling against the best 16 B-Boys in the country.

As a continuation of the legacy, the Red Bull BC One All Stars was formed in 2010 and has grown from its original team of four to a crew of nine internationally renowned dancers who are all veterans of the competition. The Red Bull BC One All Star travel the world teaching workshops; judging and competing in battles; educating and inspiring a new generation by sharing their knowledge and passion for B-Boying — one of the original elements of Hip Hop.

Three members of the BC One All Stars will visit Oman this year to including B-Boy Lamine, B-Boy Lilou and B-Boy Pelezinho.

Ali Ramdani aka B-Boy, BC One All Star and two time winner of the Red Bull BC One World Championship, said: "I have visited Oman twice and the scene has really progressed a lot. It is the one country in the Middle East that I was most impressed with the level and maturity of their moves."

 "I think the Omani B-Boys are the best in the Middle East. I saw a lot of strong powerful moves and I appreciate that. They are very comfortable with developing new moves and motivated when they have sessions or events in the region," he adds.

The Stakes Are High
Last year marked the most successful year for the Red Bull BC One yet. With over 60 cyphers hosted across 52 countries featuring more than 1,000 battle-ready B-Boys, the competitions grew from what was once an invite-only bracketed competition to one that would welcome any skilled b-boy who wanted to earn a shot at making it to the big stage. In the World Championship battle of 2012, France's Mounir took home the prize in Rio de Janiero, defeating the ultra-creative Differ from South Korea in the final round. Thousands of viewers witnessed the battle live through the live stream broadcasted on redbullbcone.com.

Mounir represents the ultimate Red Bull BC One champion, earning his place by winning his country's Cypher, then the Western European Qualifier, and finally the World Championship. His intense training throughout the year signified the dedication to the craft necessary in differentiating oneself in this competitive dance form.

Fans will be excited to learn that this year's 10th anniversary final will be held in Seoul, South Korea, home to some of the most innovative B-Boying today. This year we'll have more events than ever before. Cyphers will take from Azerbaijan to Georgia to Slovenia to the UK, with a further reach than ever before to welcome the most number of contenders to compete.

Winners of country Cyphers will get the chance to compete in one of six global qualifiers in an attempt to reach the World Final. Following the global cyphers, qualifier season will run from mid-July to mid-September, culminating in the 10th World Final in late November. Qualifiers have been confirmed for the Americas in USA; Eastern Europe in Ukraine; Western Europe in Italy; Latin America in Colombia; Asia Pacific in Japan; and Middle East & Africa in Egypt.


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B-Boy sponsorship and marketing is super big... But far from its potential to take over the entertainment/sports world... Like NASCAR,Supercross,and Just plain old reality Tv. The Sport is big enough to run daily on us cable networks... Let alone around the world... Big ups to Red Bull and the many other major sponsors who continue to make dreams come true. Back in the day growing up in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area crews turned the dormant skating arenas into the B-Boy battle zones... Pagers,phone-booths,and brick-phones if you had $$$$ made the connection lines outside radio announcements.

I continue to be amazed even after 30 years of talent searching... Olympians. This Sport is destined to stage the same respect. Time to showcase it. Please keep the World informed... Articles like this need to be converted to Television daily!

One Love,

C Davis