Oman traffic: Don’t blame the drivers, blame the roads

by Mohammad Shafeeqe
Photo - Jun Estrada
Don’t blame it on the drivers all the time. Faulty designs and flawed construction, besides inclement weather, can make roads dangerous to drive.

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Gaetano Donizetti’s comic opera ‘Don Pasquale’, a tale of deception and double-identities for the sake of love, was a truly great and uplifting experience for Muscat audiences on three nights.

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Donizetti's Don Pasquale plays in Oman
Gaetano Donizetti’s comic opera ‘Don Pasquale’, a tale of deception and double-identities for the sake of love, was a truly great and uplifting experience for Muscat audiences on three nights.
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Mobile connectivity out of reach in Muscat
Poor or no mobile connectivity in areas around Muscat has often left residents high and dry, especially in the newly developed localities...
Oman sport: Hard work and perseverance, Hallmarks of young women athletes
Commitment, hard work and perseverance are the hallmarks of Oman’s young women athletes who scripted the biggest-ever medal haul in the GCC Women’s Games at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex
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Solar Impulse 2: Saluting the sun
Pilots of Solar Impulse 2 have an ambitious yet arduous task on hand. “We are not afraid of flying alone... What frightens us, is living in a world that burns one million tonnes of fuel every hour,”
French family in Oman show their unique 'Life in a van"
It was getting dark and they had to find a place to sleep... But they didn’t know much about the city
Enjoy bike ride in Oman
When most of their compatriots play with toy bikes, Hood and Faisal Al Busaidi ride their two-wheelers on the muddy tracks and fine-tune their skills with an aim to be on the podium in the next race.
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Mercedes Benz Signature Couture showcases the latest in Omani and ‘India Modern’ creations.
Oman cars: 2015 Infiniti QX80, executive yacht on wheels
Who said the Japanese make only small cars? Look up and way up! You’ll have to look up quite a bit to get all the way to the top of the line when it comes to the new class of Infiniti vehicles

Near miss by Etihad, Emirates flights over Mumbai airspace
The incident involving Emirates and Etihad Airways was reported to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which has started its investigation, the sources said.
Following apparent suicide of Germanwings copilot, Oman Air says ‘rule of two’ in cockpit is in place since long
Oman Air, and a number of Indian carriers serving the Sultanate, have revealed they already have the ‘rule of two’ in place; it follows the copilot plane suicide which claimed 150 lives on Germanwings
Canadian visa centre is now open in Oman: Ambassador
With the new visa centre, a trip to Abu Dhabi is no longer required for people travelling to Canada
Oman weather: Sandstorm hit the Sultanate
In UAE, the forecasters have warned of fog, dust and sand particles blowing in the air along with a significant drop in temperature on Thursday
Air India rescue plane landed in Oman on way to Yemen still waiting for clearance
“We have not got the permission yet,” BP Kulkarni, country manager of Air India in Muscat, said
Transporters in Oman withdraw from talks with Indian school on school-monitored transport system
According to the transporters, in the new system parents will be forced to pay 40 per cent extra in transport fee
Indian rescue flights reach Yemen via Djibouti from Oman to evacuate nationals
Both the flights were waiting for permission from inside Yemen for the last 48 hours
Oman recovers millions from fines in public funding cases and judicial rulings
A sum of OMR66.420 million was added to the state treasury from the fines imposed in public funding cases and received from judicial rulings, revealed a senior official from the Public Prosecution
'Oman can become trade hub if international sanctions on Iran are lifted'
Oman can become a hub for trade between Iran and other countries if international sanctions on Tehran are lifted as a result of a final, comprehensive deal over its nuclear programme, say officials
IS militant group executes 37 civilians in central Syria, says monitor
IS executed at least 37 people, including women and children, by burning, beheading, and firing on them in the village of Mabujeh, said Rami Abdel Rahman, director Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
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Is payment or compensatory off is mandatory for working overtime? Oman legal expert answers
If the work falls in the weekly off day or on public holidays, the employee shall be entitled to a double wage.
Oman traffic: Indian Social Club to relocate from Darsait
The Indian Social Club building is at present situated on the premises of the Indian School Muscat in Darsait.
Lies being spread, land bill not anti-farmer: Indian prime minister
Directly reaching out to farmers over the controversial Land Acquisition Bill, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked them not to be misled by “rumours and lies”
Oman crime: Family relives 32-hour kidnap ordeal
Mentally and physically we are shattered and fear that we may be attacked again, says family
McCain tells Obama to get over Netanyahu tantrum
US Senator John McCain asked on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ show if US-Israel relations were at a dangerous point, said, ‘I think that’s up to the president of the United States.’
Uravugal: Made in Oman film selected for International Short Film Festival of India
Indian film that is made in Oman has already become popular on YouTube and it has been subtitled in English
Parents welcome Indian schools’ plan to ensure safety of children in buses in Oman
The pilot project for the transport system will start from the ISD next month and will be implemented later in all schools in the capital
1,900 students on waiting list for admission to Indian schools in Muscat
Results of the first draw for admissions to the six Indian schools in the Muscat capital area were announced, with 1,900 students being kept on the waiting list
Tourism smart taxis to feature advance booking, tracking system and meter charging in Oman
Tourism smart taxis will be equipped with the latest technologies and devices, said an official at the Ministry of Tourism
No injuries in Harweel well control incident: Petroleum Development Oman
Specialist personnel and equipment have been sent to the site to help resolve the situation. There have been no injuries, no hydrocarbon leaks into the environment and no damage to the asset.