Quizaholics Anonymous win Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest

by Staff Reporter
Eight teams - Natural Born Quizzers, ISG Spartans, 3 Amigos, ISM - Quiz Wizards along with Eat Pray Quiz, Quizaholics Anonymous, Know Brainers and The Quizards of Awe - participated in the finals

21 countries, 20,000kms in 80 days - Omani biker rides high

by T.A. Ameerudheen
Maher Khalid Al Barwani rides through strife-hit countries and tricky snowy terrains to become the first Omani to successfully complete a bike trip to 21 countries spread across three continents

Oman's sand riders

by Faisal Mohammed Naim
Oman, with its magical wadis and mystic sands, provides ample opportunity for off road adventure and thrill. The Polaris Riding Team, in their buggies, are getting the max out of it

Nothing to sneeze at - Tips on how to stay healthy during winter season in Oman

by Faisal Mohammed Naim
Winter is here, providing the much needed relief from the scorching sun. But this cool clime also means encountering a host of illnesses, mostly contagious

In the Eye of Beauty - Caress the World

by Dr. Patricia Groves
Promoting the power of human spirit and the beauty of our earth, the unique and magnificent art installation project, ‘Caress the World’ by French artist Ray Monde

Cricket: Hughes' death reopens age-old safety debate

by AFP
The 25-year-old Australia international died on Thursday, two days after being struck down at the Sydney Cricket Ground
Korean culture comes alive in Oman through movies

The two movie nights at Muscat Grand Mall provided ample entertainment to all. The music concert included a number of Korean folk songs

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Could the children who died in a fire in Rustaq have been saved by a fire alarm system?

India seeks to cash in on global demand for ancient remedies
by AFP

India claims to have natural remedies for everything from cancer to the common cold, but ministers say it has failed to capitalise on its traditions as the world has woken up to alternative medicine

Multilateral summits hasten policymaking
by Gareth Evans

The G-20's stance represents a challenge to the rest of the world to reach a global pact at United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015.