Will Omanisation and expat labour policies be re-examined? Oman's Minister of Manpower hints they might

by Times News Service
The meeting, held at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat, offered a platform for industrialists to interact with ministers and their counterparts.

Oman accidents: Fatal Fridays account for maximum deaths on roads

by Fahad Al Muskrashi
Friday was the deadliest day on Oman’s roads in 2014, with more people dying and being injured than any other day of the week

Omanis top Dubai road violations chart

Dubai’s public transport agency recently announced that a fine of AED600 will be slapped on motorists found misusing the bus and taxi lanes. Fines on vehicles with Omani plates amounted to AED3.29m

Yemenis in Oman worried about families back home

by Fahad Al Ghadani
For the past week, I have been trying to contact my parents but my efforts have been in vain. I do not know what to do,” says Abdulkarim, a Yemeni student in Oman. There are many like him.

VIDEO: BIG show offers global platform for builders in Oman

The BIG show is being held against a backdrop of increasing investment by the government in major infrastructure projects, estimated at $78 billion
Messaging apps offer to do it all, for more money
by The New York Times N

Such moves are part of a trend toward messaging apps becoming do-it-all services. The model, in many ways, comes from the messaging giants popular in China and Japan

VIDEO: Ferrari FF, power, pace and grace
by Scott Armstrong

“At my signal unleash hell.” The opening words to Ridley’s Scott epic blockbuster Gladiator echo in my mind as I prepare myself for what is about to happen

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8 ways you may be encouraging your child to be a bully
by Ashley Trexler/The Washington Post

Maybe no one has told you to your face you're raising a bully, but sometimes you can't help but wonder if other parents are talking about it behind your back.

Cheerful mornings in blue America
by Paul Krugman

Were President Obama's policies the cause of national job growth? Did Jerry Brown — the tax-raising, Obamacare-embracing governor of California — engineer his state's boom?

Angelina Jolie surgery 'dramatically' lowers cancer risk: experts
by AFP

It is a hard personal choice, but removing healthy fallopian tubes and ovaries effectively slashes the cancer odds for women like Angelina Jolie who carry a risk-boosting gene mutation, experts said