Firms plan 5.4% wage hike in 2015 to attract workers in Oman

by Times News Service
A survey suggests that private firms are planning to attract more workers by providing additional incentives

Expat jaywalker loses life in Al Hail, Oman

“He was hit by the car and thrown up in the air. Then he fell down on the car and was badly injured

Legal column: Six-month visa restriction not for dependents, investors

by Khalifa Al Hinai
Times of Oman, in association with Khalifa Al Hinai Legal Consultants, will answer the legal queries of readers every Monday. Questions can be sent to

Reactions in Oman on beheading of British aid: ‘How could they kill Haines? He was there to help others’

by Times News Service
British expatriates in Oman have condemned the killing of the British hostage and aid worker David Haines by Islamic State militants

Bangladesh to give Omani citizens visa on arrival

by Times News Service
The government of Bangladesh will now extend visa on arrival facility to Omani citizens, a statement issued by the country’s embassy said.

New courses in Oman to prepare youths for job market

Outward Bound Oman has trained more than 1,000 students between the ages of 10 and 17 each year, since its inception
Omani photographer captures children with a click
by Hassan Ali Shaban

Photographing babies is not a child’s play but woman photographer Hawra bint Fahim Al Said takes great pleasure arresting the innocent bundles of joy in their wonderful moments

Oman’s crude oil production falls in August
by Times News Service

Oil production in August 2014 stood at 29,556,812 barrels, which is equivalent to 953,446 barrels per day, indicating a 0.31 per cent fall compared to the previous month

Oman tourism - Man-made paradise at Alila Jabal Akhdar
by Scott Armstrong

Idyllic landscape, spectacular setting with luxurious accommodations, rejuvenating spa treatments and sumptuous cuisine, Alila Jabal Akhdar is the perfect place to visit, Scott Armstrong reports

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Dreams on hold, Brazil's 'new middle class' turns on Rousseff
by Reuters

The streets of Jardim São Luis, a poor and violent neighborhood near the edge of São Paulo, have not been this quiet in years. And that is exactly why Valeria Rocha is so worried.

The plan for fighting Isis isn't all about us
by Thomas L. Friedman

There are three things in life that you should never do ambivalently: get married, buy a house or go to war. Alas, we're about to do No. 3. Should we?

Avignon tourism - The provencal city offers a busy cultural calender in early autumn
by Paul Bloomfield/The

September represents Avignon's sweet spot: after the hectic weeks of the twin theatre and fringe festivals but the city is still blessed with balmy evenings, food festivals and other events

Stroke less likely for older women who get more potassium
by Reuters

Postmenopausal women who get more potassium in their diets are less likely to have a stroke or die than those who don’t get as much, according to a new study.