Oman Air refutes mid-air violence report

by Times News Service
The argument apparently took place after one man decided to change his seat and a fellow passenger objected to the man’s move of changing his seat

Oman mountain tragedy: ‘I thought I’d die in that darkness’, says rescued Bangladeshi worker

After being trapped in the rock fall which killed his colleagues, Jahangir Alam tells of his ordeal

Information protection law to secure privacy in Oman

by Times News Service
The law will serve as a complement to the existing laws and regulations in the context of IT and its related transaction including the Cyber Crime Law.

Four Oman Haj organisers merged for better pilgrim facilities

News of the merger was welcomed by the public on social media platforms who said that the move might lead to better service. Registrations for new Haj campaign organisers was also announced yesterday

Oman's Abdullah Al Rawahi wins Red Bull BC One contest

by Times News Service
Abdullah Suleiman Abdullah Al Rawahi Crowned the Winner of the Red Bull BC One for the Third Consecutive Year
What makes Goa a perfect holiday destination
by Mrudu Naik

Oman Air, the Sultanate’s national carrier recently launched direct flights to Goa, India’s popular tourist destination. Take this three-hour flight to discover the goodness of Goa, Mrudu Naik reports

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How to fall back to sleep in 20 minutes or less
by Kim Jones/Daily Express

If you're in the habit of waking up in the middle of the night, try our tricks to send you into a deep slumber without the stress

Turkey should face up to the crimes of past
by Aryeh Neier

The angry reaction — combined with the government's diplomatic reprisals against those who use the word — has the perverse effect of stigmatising present-day Turks