Muscat's green attire landscape draws attention

by Faisal Mohammed Naim
Muscat’s landscape is fast turning to lush green each passing day, thanks to the Herculean efforts by the horticulture department of the Muscat Municipality

Oman racing: Go-Karting siblings BIG dream

by T.A. Ameerudheen
Oman’s karting prodigies, Sanad and Abdullah, get themselves ready to compete in the Formula – 4 Race next season

Kashmir floods: Paradise lost

by Faisal Mohammed Naim
In the aftermath of the ravaging floods in Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiris in Muscat express solidarity with their brethren back home, sharing their pain and trying to extend a helping hand of comfort

Oman cuisine: A slice of Asia at The Cave

by T.A. Ameerudheen
Asiana Restaurant at The Cave offers finest culinary delights from India, China and Japan at an affordable price

Oman Art: Shadows and Footsteps

by Dr Patricia Groves
Every painting begins with something simple, yet profound – a word. Then the word becomes a colour, and as it is painted, it becomes music. Meet the young painter, Chucrallah Fattouh
Ahmad and Oman Racing Team aim to conclude Blancpain season with a flourish
by Times News Service

While thrilled with a sensational end to the British GT campaign, Ahmad and his team have had little time to celebrate with preparations immediately beginning for the fifth round Blancpain season

BP Oman signs agreements to develop 30 SMEs, 300 individuals
by Times News Service

As part BP Oman’s social investment programme, Sharakah signed agreements with four partners on Wednesday —Inspired Solutions, Lighthouse, BusafiDesigns and Bayantebyan

Not all marriages are made in heaven

Social pressures like unemployment and the need to acquire all the trappings of life force young people to do things a bit different than their parents

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Good Bye Marx! Hungary cleans up for Orban's revolution
by AFP

Budapest's Corvinus University is no hotbed of communist troublemakers and far from nostalgic for the old regime, but students are pining for a cherished bronze of Karl Marx removed last week

To crush IS, make a deal with Assad

In the absence of any large-scale Western or regional commitment to deploy troops, the only real 'boots on the ground' capable of destroying Isis are the Syrian Army and its local allies