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BORN today, you are defined by limitations, but you are able to turn this to your advantage more often than not. You understand and appreciate just what you are and are not capable of.

By sticking to what you know, what you do well, and what is squarely within your comfort zone, you are sure to make a considerable success of life — professionally, personally and recreationally. You love to play, and you will do anything to see that the career you choose allows you the freedom to play; you’re not the kind to be chained to a desk all day, surely!

When you become unhappy and glum, you need only to turn to your current circumstances to find the cause. You’re not difficult to figure out in that way.

There may come a time in your life when you are tempted to hang it up and do something else — but what? When this happens, you must not make the mistake of thinking that anything else will bring you contentment, for that is not the case — and you should think twice before making a permanent change.

Also born on this date are: Mark Harmon, actor; Salma Hayek, actress; Keanu Reeves, actor; Terry Bradshaw, football player and commentator; Christa McAuliffe, teacher and astronaut; Jimmy Connors, tennis player; Linda Purl, actress; Billy Preston, singer and musician.

The decisions you make today aren’t likely to be long-term in reach, but you must take them just as seriously, nonetheless.

An obstacle requires more than you are ready to give in order to overcome it. Take some time to prepare fully.

Time may seem to speed up and slow down as if by magic, but it is all your own perception, of course. What is making the difference?

A job well done doesn’t mean that you have fulfilled all your responsibilities to one who is truly relying on you.

You can make a game out of almost anything, but today you will be required to think long and hard about what you are trying to accomplish.

Now is no time to feel sorry for yourself, even if things are harder than expected and a certain problem goes unsolved.

A strong start puts you ahead of the game, which is good in both the short and the long term. You can use any advantage you get at this time.

A certain key decision is worth examining. You may realise — again — that with the good comes the bad, and vice versa.

If you’re dealing in absolutes today, you’re dealing in that which is only imaginary. Nothing is absolute, one way or the other.

You’ll be compelled to look closely at something that is usually taken for granted. A loved one holds up a mirror in which you see yourself.

The meaning of a rather cryptic message is likely to be quite clear to you almost immediately. It’s up to you to spread the word to others.

Someone may be treating you in a manner that you feel is completely undeserved, so why are you willing to take it? It’s time to speak up.