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BORN today, you are one of those mysterious individuals who seem in one moment to be one kind of person, and then in the next, someone else completely. Your ability to mold and change yourself to suit the circumstances is likely to be widely admired and appreciated — though some may fear you because of your seeming inability to be consistent in your behaviour. Consistency, of course, doesn’t interest you in the least; what does interest you is being true to yourself at every turn. Because of this, you seem changeable when in fact you are simply giving free rein to your natural inclinations. You can be quite jovial and even clownish at times, or you can be dark and rather frightening at others.

You know how to bring out the best in others, and in doing so, you bring out the best in yourself as well. You understand that progress depends upon your ability to work and play well with others. There are times when others may doubt your motives, but in truth, you want nothing but the best for everyone.

Also born on this date are: James Franco, actor; Kate Hudson, actress; Ashley Judd, actress; Maria Sharapova, tennis player; Hayden Christensen, actor; Tim Curry, actor; Jayne Mansfield, actress; Dudley Moore, actor, comedian and musician; Dick Sargent, actor; Eliot Ness, federal agent; Al Unser Jr., auto racer; Tony Plana, actor.

You’ll draw certain conclusions that may draw criticism from those in the know. You’re on the right track, however.

You’ve worked yourself into a position of some authority, perhaps, but you may find that you now must make an unpleasant decision.

You may be planning to spend or invest a great deal of money very soon. Be sure that you’ve done all your homework and know the risks.

You may think that what you do, anyone can do — but someone close to you knows the truth: What you have to offer is unique.

You’re in no mood to share your secrets with just anyone. There is one person, however, with whom you have a certain connection.

You should be able to explore freely where others avoid looking directly — in this way, you can come up with the truth.

The questions you ask can lead others to the answers they seek. You don’t have to do everything yourself, remember.

What seems a completely normal, routine situation may actually prove to be quite exceptional in many ways. You’ll be in the middle.

You have a way of taking seemingly unrelated details and painting a complete picture of a truth that very few will be able to comprehend.

Something is likely to spur you on, almost against your will. In truth, however, a part of you is eager to move in that direction.

A puzzle presents itself that has you pondering certain key mysteries. One or two pieces may be difficult to place correctly.

You’ll be shouting, “Eureka!” when you realise exactly what you’ve been looking at for quite some time now.