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BORN today, you will, even at a very young age, seem to have it made — and you will attract both admirers and critics throughout your lifetime as a result. There are some who will always be attracted to you simply because you have the air of one who belongs at the center of things.

Conversely, there will be others who choose to turn away from you for the very same reason, but this says more about them than it does about you.

When young, you may find criticism hard to deal with, but when you are older, you will have learned to put it behind you as soon as possible — though not before you have listened to it very carefully, to learn what you
can from it.

You’re destined to do things that are long remembered — sometimes if only for their audacity and strangeness rather than their importance or lasting qualities. You are not one to sugarcoat the truth; you will talk about things in an open, honest way, inspiring others to do the same.

Also born on this date are: Scarlett Johansson, actress; Mariel Hemingway, actress; Jamie Lee Curtis, actress; Billie Jean King, tennis player; Robert Vaughn, actor; Rodney Dangerfield, comedian; Benjamin Britten, composer; Hoagy Carmichael, singer-songwriter; Charles de Gaulle, French military leader and president; Abigail Adams, U.S. first lady.

Honest self-assessment yields a discovery that is both exciting and just a little intimidating. It’s safe to say that you had no idea!

You may have to decode a message before you can put the information it contains to good use.

You may be greeted by quite a surprise when you wake, yet you will have the wherewithal to progress unimpeded

Internal rhythms and external forces may be at odds for a certain part of the day. Put off any major decisions until things calm down.

You may have to wait longer than expected before you can take your turn at something that can yield considerable rewards.

You’ll want to focus on the details; you have the big picture, but the little things may need to be understood more completely.

You can find inspiration almost anywhere. Look around, and you’ll see just why you seem to fit in so well.

You’re doing very well, but you may have to work just a little harder at something to get the results you really want.

Don’t let what others say get under your skin. Focus on the positive and see others in a better light than they see you right now.

You may have more time than expected to reach a certain goal, but if you don’t reach it today, it may be impossible to do so later on.

You may have to juggle resources in order to make the most efficient use of all that is available to you.

If you find yourself waiting for someone to act before you do, perhaps you are not really ready to act in the first place.