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BORN today, you are not the kind to take many trips down memory lane. You prefer to live in the present, and if you do ever cast your eye in a different direction, it is almost always into the future, to see where you are going or what is coming your way. But for the most part, you don’t let the future take up much of your time, either. You much prefer dedicating your thoughts and actions to currently prevailing issues. You avoid guessing about what might happen, choosing instead to focus on that which is certain, and for which there is empirical proof. Faith is something you leave to others.

Because you prefer to know things firsthand and to learn by experience, you are likely to travel much of the world in your lifetime, exposing yourself to different places, peoples and cultures, and learning as much about them as you can. Indeed, you may never actually have a permanent home base.

Also born on this date are: Lauren Tewes, actress; Jon Heder, actor; Mahalia Jackson, singer; Jaclyn Smith, actress; Cary Elwes, actor; Pat Sajak, TV game show host; Bob Hoskins, actor; Jackie Coogan, actor; Anthony Rapp, actor.

You may be attracted to another, or to his or her current endeavor, for reasons that you do not fully understand — but you don’t have to!

You don’t want to stand by and watch things happen without you. It’s involvement that you crave — and you can have it.

You may have to work more quickly than usual in order to avoid a fast-approaching hazard. Once it’s past, you can relax some.

You may at first be considered only a replacement, but later in the day, your own considerable worth will be recognised.

You’re waiting for something to pass without doing anything to ensure that it will cause you no harm. Get more involved!

What you have to contribute is worth a great deal, but it may not be quite ready for mainstream acceptance.

You’ve been making wishes lately, and a few have come true, but one or two may be giving you fits as they become more and more elusive.

You can put things in a more interesting and intriguing way if you break with tradition and trust your own immediate instincts.

It’s essential that everything you do come from the heart. No one will be able to provide you with answers except yourself.

A stranger is likely to be much more than a friend by day’s end. Things move quickly at this time because you’re more open and honest.

The more honest you can be with yourself, the more likely you will be to see in yourself what others have already seen for some time.

What happens by chance isn’t likely to disturb you, but what was intentional is almost sure to be somewhat alarming.