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BORN today, you are a strong-willed, opinionated individual, and you are never afraid of voicing those opinions — even when doing so is the surest way to arouse anger or resentment in others.

You seem utterly incapable of controlling yourself when you feel strongly about something; you will speak out, loudly and often, no matter who is listening! This is an admirable trait, to be sure, but it is one that is also sure to get you into hot water again and again throughout your lifetime, both professionally and personally — for not everyone is ready or willing to let your comments roll off their backs. Indeed, you are likely to encounter a great deal of conflict in your life.

Though you are on the one hand one of the most outspoken and expressive individuals born under your sign, you can also be very private — and you will protect that privacy at all costs.

You are also quite protective of friends and loved ones, and you are fiercely loyal.

Also born on this date are: Joan Jett, singer; Debby Boone, singer; Scott Baio, actor; Andrea Bocelli, singer; Bonnie Hunt, actress; Shari Belafonte, actress; Tommy Lasorda, baseball manager.

You may have to look more closely than expected at a certain past unpleasantness in order to pinpoint its exact cause — and avoid a repeat.

What happens today will demand your attention, but you may have trouble understanding all the ins and outs of a certain domestic situation.

You may find yourself being knocked off balance once or twice, but only because you’re not entirely ready for what comes.

The information you need is close at hand, but it may not be truly available to you until the last possible moment.

Are you ready to go the distance? You have much to do, and there is also much you can do for another.

You and a friend can come to an agreement on an issue that has divided you in the past. Focus on what you have in common!

You’ll find great comfort in all that is traditional, but you’ll also be compelled to find a new way of doing a certain something.

You can make a good deal of progress, but some may not be measurable in the way that you expect.

You’ll want to seize control of something you believe has been unattended for far too long. You can show others what you’re made of.

A personal issue may require you to dig a little deeper within yourself for answers that are difficult to recognise and accept.

The decrees of another need not affect you directly — yet. You must be ready, however, for certain changes will come about soon.

You won’t be able to avoid all hazards, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to minimise them — and the effects they have on you.