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BORN today, you are likely to live your life exclusively in a single sphere, doing one thing throughout the years and enjoying tremendous success as a result of that singular, all-consuming dedication. Of course, it is anyone’s guess what that sphere will turn out to be; you are likely to stumble into something when you are young that develops quickly into the very thing that shapes and defines your life — and neither you, nor your parents, nor anyone else may be able to anticipate what this will be. Indeed, you may not even recognize it for what it is until you have traveled very far down life’s path. Only by looking back and seeing where you came from and where you have traveled will you know what you’ve really been doing!

Your success in life is sure to be unequaled. You have been endowed with a great talent — or set of talents — that will enable you to soar to the heights of your chosen profession. Indeed, you may redefine what kinds of success are possible in your line of work. The sky’s the limit!

Also born on this date are: Ron Howard, actor and filmmaker; Justin Bieber, singer; Daniella Monet, actress; Frederic Chopin, composer; Roger Daltrey, singer; Alan Thicke, actor; Robert Conrad, actor; Harry Belafonte, singer; George Eads, actor; Catherine Bach, actress and model; Glenn Miller, musician and bandleader; Harry Caray, announcer; David Niven, actor; Russell Wong, actor.

You can help someone in charge make the decisions that will affect everyone involved for the duration of a developing project.

You must be clear about what you are willing to do — and, more important, what you’re not willing to do. Lines must be drawn.

The rules may be quite simple, but you are not likely to find many of them conducive to the creative endeavor you wish to begin.

Your choice of words may be much more important than anticipated. You’re ready to deliver a message, but don’t be in a hurry.

You and a longtime partner are not in sync the way you usually are, but this is an obstacle that is easily surmounted.

You may be able to fit in a little something extra just for yourself, but it all depends on how you use the time available to you.

Gather your available resources and take stock of what is possible before heading off on a journey of discovery and accomplishment.

A newcomer may put everyone to shame by performing well above par, though you are sure to give him a run for his money.

An early start affords you the opportunity to stop and reverse course if necessary, without sacrificing all forward motion.

You can have a great deal of fun with someone else, and not at his or her expense. The laughter is likely to be quite contagious.

Your ability to process information quickly will come in very handy, as a great deal of it comes at you all at once.

Though you don’t wish to put anyone in a tight spot, you’re going to have to demand a decision one way or the other before nightfall.