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BORN today, you are nothing if not unusual. This simply means that you do not fit easily into the normal mould of one born under your sign — it certainly doesn’t have to imply anything sinister at all! You are quirky, idiosyncratic and, above all, highly independent. You will go to great lengths to set yourself apart from the crowd, and you are not to be denied! Like so many Aries natives, you are quite ambitious and will work tirelessly to achieve your goals. What makes you different are the little things — those personal strategies and tactics that you develop to further your pursuit of happiness.

You are likely to be instantly recognisable and known to many. But the truth is, only a precious few really know you intimately, for you are anything but an open book. You are quite an expressive individual, yet there is always something rather mysterious about you that keeps most people from getting close to you.  

Also born on this date are: Ewan McGregor, actor; Christopher Walken, actor; Al Gore, politician; Shirley Jones, actress and singer; Cesar Chavez, labour leader; Rhea Perlman, actress; Richard Chamberlain, actor; William Daniels, actor; Rene Descartes, mathematician and philosopher; Joseph Haydn, composer; Gabe Kaplan, actor and comedian.

You’ll have a chance to demonstrate just how much you know, even as you study up on those things you don’t know quite as well.

A minor error is affecting you quite dramatically. It’s time to take your case to the one who can do something about it.

A cooperative effort pays off handsomely for everyone involved. You’re eager to see the big picture when all is said and done.

A good friend is eager to benefit from your expertise in a certain area. Be sure you’re not doing yourself a disservice, however!

You may be waiting for someone to come to you with a special request, but now is not the time. This doesn’t mean you can’t get ready!

Both good luck and bad could combine to put you in a position that you can exploit to your distinct advantage.

You may think you’ll learn something by watching your competitors, but in fact, you may only be passing time. Get out there and compete!

You may not get what you think you deserve, but you’re actually in line to receive something even better very soon.

You may think that you’re seeing a certain someone everywhere, but in fact, he or she may only live in your imagination right now.

An underling begins a slow and steady rise, and you’ll be the one he or she has to displace in order to make it to the top. Be ready.

It’s not what you know how to do that will be most important, but rather what you don’t know. It’s time to face this key reality.

A loved one may be trying to force your hand. Stand firm, and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t doing the right thing.