Oman golf: Get into the swing at Almouj

by Scott Armstrong
A golfer teeing off at the Almouj Golf course. Photo - Supplied
Running alongside a two-kilometre stretch of ocean, the 7,342-yard course of lush green grass is peppered with bunkers, water hazards and natural dunes.

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Oman sports: Torch the calories! Get fit during this winter
With the onset of winter, fitness enthusiasts begin to descend on the beaches, parks and fitness centres with an aim to shed those extra calories
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Located about 18km off the coast of Barka, the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve is a series of nine islands covering 100 hectares, or one square kilometre
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Tweets by Omani national a violation of cyber law
Tweets by Omani businessman alleging corruption charges against some government officials are breach of privacy law and moral orders of the country
$2.3b ‘Omagine’ project to create 1,000 jobs for Omanis
To be located in Al Hail and close to Muscat airport, ‘Omagine’ will have seven pearl-shaped buildings
Muscat Municipality bans sheesha smoking after midnight
Smoking sheesha after midnight will not be allowed in cafes, according to a letter sent by the Muscat Municipality to sheesha cafes recently.
Back-breaking bags a bane for schoolchildren in Oman
Children risk spinal cord deformities, and long term health risks if they are forced to carry heavy backpacks every day, say doctors
Oil price decline will not affect citizens’ life in Oman: Fahd
Plummeting oil price will not affect government policies, life of citizens, employment, training programmes, workers entitlements and Omanisation process, Oman’s deputy prime minister said Sunda
As oil prices plunge, GCC braces for ‘tough times’
GCC countries are forecast to lose at least half their oil revenues, or around $350 billion a year, at current price levels
Oman weather: Jabal Shams freezes at -2 Celsius
As winter comes calling, Jabal Shams recorded minus 2 degree Celsius temperature.The maximum temperature at Jabal Shams was five degree Celsius
VIDEO: $2.3 billion 'Omagine' mega project in Oman and other top news
Round up of local and national top stories in 60 seconds
Oman Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries lifts ban on import of poultry from Vietnam, Nepal
The decision was based on the recommendation of the competent veterinary authority
Majlis Al Shura plans affordable Haj, Umrah trips
Dissatisfied with the trips of tour operators and many concerns raised by pilgrims recently, the Majlis Al Shura has been discussing and trying to devise a mechanism to regulate such trips.
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84% of Majlis Al Shura members approve ban on alcohol in Oman
Humaid Al Nasri, Majlis Al Shura member, told Times of Oman, members have supported a ban and punishment for anyone who manufactures, drinks and conducts business in alcohol
Is Oman one step closer to alcohol ban?
A proposal from the Majlis Al Shura for a total ban on alcohol has won approval from members. But the move has already attracted critics who fear its impact on tourism and foreign investment
Majlis Al Shura members vote to ban sheesha cafes in Oman
Majlis Al Shura members have voted for a ban on sheesha cafes in Oman in view of the health risks associated with them
No two-month job visa ban for expatriates in Oman
There is no two-month ban in place while issuing fresh job visas for expatriates who are eligible to join a new employer, a reliable source in the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said.
‘Genetic blood disorder affects all Oman tribes’
The high prevalence of blood disorders in Oman can be attributed to the practice of marrying a close relative, says an expert, urging prospective couples to take the premarital genetic tests
Increase in gas price in Oman necessary
Initially, there may be a problem but in the long term the impact will be absorbed, say experts
VIDEO: Majlis Al Shura votes for ban on alcohol and other top stories
Round up of local and other top stories in 60 seconds
Oman's Majlis Al Shura to debate curbs on serving liquor to citizens
Shura members will also discuss whether the ban should include serving of liquor in public places like hotels
Unified driving licence in GCC: Royal Oman Police
A unified driving licence will come into force from January 1, 2015, Royal Oman Police (ROP) said in a circular
Majlis Al Shura seeks to host Oman's higher education minister
In accordance with Article 58 of the Basic Law of State, upon a request signed by at least 16 members of Majlis Al Shura, any of the serving ministers may be subject to interpellation