Acrobats, fire show draw crowds

by Mrudu Naik
February 10, 2013
Muscat: The acrobats are putting on one of the most exciting shows at the Al Amerat Park venue of the Muscat Festival.

Through an attractive mix of high diving, bungee jumping, fire diving, trampoline acts, and a fire show, the performers are drawing huge  crowds.

"This is an acrobatics and fire show. The acrobats come from Canada, and the fire-show performers are from Russia. It is a 15-person show and is 30 minutes long. It will be performed three times (at 6:30 p.m., 8 p.m., and 9:30 p.m.) during the festival," explained Yves Milrod, president of Milord Entertainment—the company that employs the performers.

"Every show is different, and we have a lot of elements," said Yves. The trampoline show with a twist is an amazing act to watch.

Although jumping on a trampoline is a simple act, bouncing off it and walking on the wall is impressive. Yes, the acrobats walk on a vertical wall, enter through a window and land on the roof after bouncing off the trampoline.

Milord Entertainment is a Canadian company with 20 years of experience in performing all over the world. "Spectators worldwide have been astonished and amazed by the abilities of our acrobats," noted Yves.

Their flying-fools act is also immensely enjoyed by the crowds.

It is a high-energy show consisting of numerous dynamic dives. The acrobatic divers jump from heights of 3, 6, 9, and 25 meters.

The 25-metre dive is performed by Yves.
"They do it with such dexterity that it leaves you stunned, especially when you consider that the pool is only 8 metres in diameter and only 3 metres deep," stated an amused witness to the show.

Yves remarked that this performance offered serious and comical dives with one or more acrobats at a time, using up to five divers at once. "We are team of professional, enthusiastic, security-conscious artists, who are real crowd-pleasers," added Yves. In their trapeze show, the artists perform many spectacular acrobatic manoeuvres.

Portable structures
Most of the structures they need are portable and are installed by an experienced team. Grace, strength, and flexibility are the hallmarks of their sphere act.

The fire show by the Russians is striking, with its interesting mix of acts. This is the fifth year in which Yves and his team have performed in Muscat.

"We have performed at Naseem Gardens as well as the Qurum Park. But we come up with a brand new concept each year," informed  Yves.

Since the crowd can't get enough of them, it is likely that the troupe will get an extension to perform beyond Wednesday, which was originally scheduled to be the last day of their act at the Muscat Festival.

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