The Middle Eastern grain has food-lovers and chefs smitten

Just when we’d got our mouths around quinoa — pronounced “keen-wah” in case you’re not in the know — a new grain is quietly stealing the limelight.
Recipe of Quroos Asal, Omani nan

Recipe of Quroos Asal, Omani nan
Chocolate and fig scones

I’m not a fan of using lots of specialised baking equipment – mostly because I don’t like a cluttered kitchen. In the past I’ve suggested people use a wine glass to shape their scones into rounds – until someone wrote me an e-mail saying that the glass shattered. Well, that’s one piece of advice I won’t be giving again… So, scone wedges it is.
Coconut and apricot slice

These are a favourite with the kids – as their attention span can be quite short, I’ll often bake the first layer on my own then call them to help with the topping. Makes 14
Uncomplicated sweet treats

Let’s be honest. Cakes are still an indulgent treat, but with more pleasure and less guilt than most sweets
Sandwich Uttapam

Sandwich Uttapam
Miniature miracles

Forget ready meals – you won’t believe what you can achieve. Some quick meals with a mug and a microwave
Sweet apple chicken curry & cheese ball soup

Preparation of sweet apple chicken curry & cheese ball soup
Grilled chicken & green chilli soup

Preparation of grilled chicken & green chilli soup
Ari Murukku

Preparation of Ari Murukku
Kibbeh Bi Laban

The Arabic Food Recipes kitchen (The Home of Delicious Arabic Food Recipes) invites you to try Kibbeh Bi Laban recipe. Enjoy the good taste of Arabic Food and learn how to make Kibbeh Bi Laban