Oman Heritage
Khanjar (Dagger): Truly "Iconic" Omani emblem

The khanjar is truly an "iconic" Omani emblem. The Omani ‘khanjar’ is the traditional, defensive dagger worn on a belt by Omani men as a symbol of authority.
Omani crafts industry showcasing the Sultanate’s heritage

Oman is inherit art, culture, folklore and artistry from generation to generation. But the heritage of the young generation of Oman must also be inclusive of respect for time, people, and nature.
Omani Bukhoor: Legendary home fragrance

Bakhoor, an Arabic word which means steam, vapor or fume, is a superior home fragrance and air freshener used on special occasions like weddings, nuptials, or welcoming guests. Women use it to give their clothes an exotic smell
Delicious Omani Halwa

A trip to Oman is not complete without trying some of its delicious local delicacy - Omani halwa (sweet).
Bullfighting Omani Style

It is believed that the Portuguese introduced the sport to tribal chiefs when they colonized the shores of Oman in early 16th century. Unlike other parts of the world where this sport is practiced with brutality,bullfighting in Oman is non-lethal, thanks to rules that ensure bulls’ safety and well-being
Al Hawalees - traditional Omani game

Al Hawalees is one of the many traditional games of Oman that is still played by people of all age groups. It is still a common sight in many Wilayahs (towns) of Oman to see two persons playing this game surrounded by a group of bystanders
The Wilayah of Rustaq enthrals audience with Lawa dance

The Wilayah of Rustaq is entertaining audiences at the Muscat Festival by performing their folk dance called Lawa Dance. The word Lawa comes from Tanzania, which is also used in Persian and Balochi languages.
QuroosAsal - Omani traditional bread

Oman is a country famous for its majestic mountains, beautiful coastline with colorful coral reefs and fascinating landscape.
Heritage Exhibition Explores Oman's Past

The Heritage Village in Al Amerat Park is providing visitors an opportunity to experience a magnificent journeyinto the deep-rooted history of Oman.
Oman's Rich Folklore Heritage

Oman has very rich folklore traditions which have been passed from generation to generation. Each part of Oman has its own songs and dances unique to itself.