The Muscat Festival 2012 started from 26 January 2012 till 23 February 2012.
The Festival grounds were located at Qurum Natural Park and Naseem Park.
Opening times were 4-11pm daily, including weekends. 
Entry fee was 200 bzs for adults; 100 bzs for children

There were a number of key highlights including The Oman Heritage and Cultural Village; The International Festival for Arts & Creativity; The Oman Food Festival; The Muscat Fashion Week; Traditional Boat Racing; well as lectures, Omani plays and concerts, carnival displays, amusement parks and a family village at Naseem Park. 128 of the world's greatest cyclists competed in the Tour of Oman from 14-19 February, including Cavendish, Schelck and Cancellara.
Muscat Festival 2012

Muscat Festival 2012
showcased both Omani and international culture and heritage, the main activities of the Festival were focused in the two parks of Al Naseem Park, and Qurum Natural Park. "Dedicated the 'Year of the Child' by the Council of Ministers, this edition of the Festival was particularly focused on creating education, fun and entertainment for the youth.The events staged under the Muscat Festival banner included Tour of Oman cycle race, Oman Food Festival, Muscat Fashion Week and the Traditional Boat Racing. Lectures, Omani and Arabic plays and concerts, carnival displays, and amusement parks were also part of the festival activities.

The 'Omani heritage and cultural village' at the Qurum Natural Park and a 'family village' at Naseem Park attracted a large number of visitors, who got an opportunity to learn from the gifted Omani artisans. It was a complete entertainment spot with children's shows and plays. The village included a working souq, with a variety of stalls dedicated to pottery and silver. The international festival for arts, heritage and creativity was the highlight at the Qurum Natural Park with displays from over 25 countries. A Muscat International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts was also announced as part of Muscat Festival. Aimed at encouraging innovation and creativity, RO38,500 was distributed to winners of 10 handicrafts themes.

Lending the festival a global feel, Al Naseem Park hosted 500 shops from some 30 countries. The festival grounds opened between 4pm and 11pm, including weekends, with entry fee of 200 baizas for adults and 100 baizas for children. Boats such as the 'Hurl' with 11 sailors per boat will participate in the 3.5-km race. Other vessels from the Badan to Al Shash also took part. It was a month of entertainment for everyone !