Husband stabbed to death in Sur; woman in ROP custody

Muscat: An Indian woman in Sur is in police custody since Friday in connection with her husband's unnatural death that morning.

The 40-year-old accused, who is a teacher in Indian School Sur and mother of two girls studying at the same school, was taken into custody by the police for questioning about her 49-year-old husband's unnatural death.

According to sources, the teacher had reportedly stabbed her husband, who was in a drunken state, following a brawl. The sources suspect that it might be an accidental death.

"He was found dead in the room when the police came. The officials conducted the initial probe and requested for her custody," family friends said.

"The victim was reportedly an alcoholic. We helped him frequently in reaching home since he used to be excessively drunk. He landed in trouble many times after being caught for drunken driving," family friends said.

They have sought embassy's help to take up the case and help the accused.

The children are now being given shelter by one of the family friends. There are also efforts being made to send the two daughters, aged 11 and 13, to India as the mother is in police custody.

According to sources, the lady is kept in a women's cell in Jalan, about 80km southeast of Sur. "That is the nearest place from Sur where they have facilities to keep women detainees," the source added.


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Reader Comments

what does accidental death mean when he was stabbed numerous times?!!!!!! get real

@talib where has it been mentioned stabbed numerous times , so lets not assume it could be a mistaken stab in a fit of rage