Omantel doubles home broadband speeds for 90 per cent of customers

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Muscat: Omantel has increased the home broadband speeds for its 90 per cent of customers across the Sultanate.

Customers with the home broadband plans have already been upgraded to the new speeds based on their individual subscriptions.

Haitham Abdullah Al Kharousi Vice President of Consumer Business Unit at Omantel said: "Our strategy at Omantel has always been focused on providing our customers with the best overall broadband experience.

"As we have invested massively in expanding our fixed network and bringing its reach closer to more customers throughout the Sultanate, we are now able to pass the benefits to our customers by enhancing speeds.

"With this change, more than 90 per cent of our customers have benefitted from doubling download speeds. In addition, upload speeds have been upgraded to 1 Mbps".

"The network investments we made through the build out of FTTH networks and rolling out more MSANs 'neighborhood exchanges' have also enabled Omantel to provide Home Broadband speeds up to 60 Mbps. As part of Omantel efforts to cater for the different needs of our customers, we are also introducing a new package of 35 Mbps for OMR55".

Customers in Starter, Standard and 2 Mbps plans will now see their speedsreaching 4Mbps. Customers in 5Mbps plan will benefit from a speed of up to 6Mbps while the speed of 40Mbps plan have been upgraded to 60Mbps at the same price.

"For high usage customers and in particular for those who use their home broadband service for streaming videos and online gaming, we are confident that this upgrade will enhance their experience" Al Kharousi said.


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Reader Comments

I cannot believe it. My connection also very poor with many interruptions every 10 minutes.

This news piece surprises me. I have been continuously getting interrupted connectivity and lower than 1 mbps speed. I upgrated to 5 mbps but the situation did not change to anything better. I cant believe this news.

Problem arises and no or very poor customer support. On my case, my complain of no Internet signal has not been address for 2 weeks now.

Im faced with same problem the internet is unstable. doesnt stay on for long. Already complained several times but no use

we are not getting continuous connection. breaks for every 10 mins

But unable to get continuous connection. Every 10 mins, we have to reconnect. If this is rectified, we are very much happy