Royal Oman Police cautions people on sharing bank information

Muscat: Royal Oman Police (ROP) officials have advised nationals and residents not to disclose their banking information to strangers.

The advice follows a number of Omanis having been tricked into revealing their banking information over the Internet, resulting in losses from their bank accounts, according to a source at the Public Administration for Criminal Intelligence and Investigation at the ROP.


Police sources said that the Omanis were contacted by what appeared to be European individuals, who convinced them to reveal their personal information, including their banking details, claiming they would transfer money to them.

Instead, money was removed from the bank accounts of the Omanis.

ROP officials have called upon Omanis as well as expatriates in Oman to remain cautious and not disclose banking information to strangers. They also advised the public to ignore unidentified international calls made to their phones.


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