EU Naval Force action rescues pirated dhow in Gulf of Aden

FGS Brandenburg’s boarding team approaches the dhow which was held captive for 14 days. Photo - Supplied
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Muscat: Six pirates who had kept a dhow under captivity for 14 days and forced it to sail to Gulf of Aden to plan more attacks on vessels left the dhow and fled the scene after seeing an EU Naval Force Spanish maritime patrol and reconnaissance (MPRA) aircraft, the EU NAVFOR claimed on Saturday.

According to EU NAVFOR, the master stated that the pirates had forced him and his crew to sail to the Gulf of Aden, where they had planned to use the dhow as a 'mother ship' to attack merchant ships at sea.

The dhow master confirmed his ordeal to members of the Boarding Team from the EU Naval Force flagship, FGS Brandenburg, after the German warship had closed the sea area to investigate the dhow.

Before they left the dhow, the master said that the pirates had stolen electronic equipment and other personal items from the crew.

Speaking about the incident, the EU Force Commander, Rear Admiral Jürgen zur Mühlen, stated "This event confirms that the piracy threat is still very real. The deterrence and swift action by EU Naval Force has once again denied freedom of action to pirates."

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