Injured Indian School Wadi Kabir student operated upon

Vehicles stationed on the road after the accident at Sheraton signal on Sunday. Photo – Times of Oman

Muscat: One of the students of Indian School Wadi Kabir (ISWK), who was injured in the bus accident on Sunday, has undergone surgery for a fracture in the leg, hospital sources said.

Four students of the ISWK were injured when their school bus reportedly hit two cars at the Sheraton signal at around 3pm.

The injured students were identified as Pooja, Samreen, Saud and Hussain. All the four were rushed to the Khoula Hospital by the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA).

While Samreen and Saud were discharged on Sunday evening itself, Pooja and Hussain are still in the hospital.

"Pooja is okay, but Hussain was operated on Sunday night for his fracture," the hospital sources said.

While the drivers of cars involved in the accident alleged that the bus jumped the signal, the woman in-charge of the bus refuted their claims. However, she could not recall the sequence leading to the accident.

The school bus was on its way from Wadi Kabir to Muttrah.


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Reader Comments

The main concern I as a parent as well as many other parents is safety. It is dangerous to have 3 and 4 children packed into a bus seat and extremely dangerous to have children standing on the school bus. If the bus for some reason has to hit the brakes suddenly children that are standing will get hurt. And children packed that closely in seats will get injured if a bus is in an accident. Not to mention that fact that it would take twice as long to exit the bus in an emergency.

I have complaint many times at school office about Mr.Shankar a school bus contractor for ISWK staff for rash driving, dropping and picking up children as per his drivers convince but ISWK office staff replayed we are not concern about your compliant. However I am more concerned at this point about making sure our children have a comfortable and safe way to travel to and from school.

ISWK school management needs to focus more on providing school transport facility and take responsibility to provide a safe environment for our kids rather than making promising for other things like ICBSE - a better education at higher cost etc.

As a parent we are the primary advocate and voice of our child when He /She are in danger. It a serious matter that ISWK school authority must realized and provides school bus facility for students which were provided before. Why this facility was stopped ?
Instead of making big promises during annual day function or making new try out like changing PE uniform etc. and putting burden on parents, school authorities must give prior attention for school transportation.
I agree with parents & also like to draw attention of ISWK Principal that it is unfair to penalize small children and make them stand outside and put red circle in the colander in front of other students when there is no mistake from their side, delay happens due to traffic jam or bus related problem. School authorities or administration section need to address directly to Transporter or Parents to drop children on time….

These accidents come as no surprise. Thankfully there were no serious injuries, considering the fact that there are hundreds Red light jumping at every signal. Are the drivers punished? NO. A few unlucky drivers get the fines and the story continues.
As I have suggested before, stricter police patrolling, on the spot fines and in extreme cases, confiscation of vehicles should be implemented in the country.
The never ending road construction adds to the traffic woes. Add to that the impatience of the drivers and you have a good recipe for accidents waiting to happen.
Wish the concerned authorities wake up and do the needful.

Putting a few cameras at the lights will not solve the issue of accidents. Hundreds of drivers jump the lights everywhere, every single day. Are they all caught and penalised? NO. Can the ROP, in person, monitor the roads, direct the traffic where needed, impound the offenders vehicle on the spot? If rules are strict, drivers will start to obey the traffic rules.
Who is to be blamed ? The never ending construction work on the roads or the impatient drivers or the ROP who is supposed to be monitoring the traffic and helping the drivers? Questions are many but where are the answers?