Five killed, 23 others injured in Oman road accidents in 36 hours

Photo - PACDA

Muscat: Five people were killed in road accidents in a span of 36 hours, while 23 others suffered severe to minor injuries, according to a spokesman of the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA).

Among the fatalities, were three people killed in a collision between two vehicles on the road connecting the wilayats of Bahla and Ibri on Thursday.

Two other people were killed in another fatal collision which took place in Buraimi. One of the vehicles involved in this accident veered off the road, causing an additional six injuries, said the official. Those injured were said to have suffered moderate to severe injuries with the condition of some of them being critical.

PACDA also reported that a person was critically injured when struck by an automobile in Ibri. The injured person was shifted to a hospital by ambulance. In a collision between a vehicle and a truck in Al Rusayl, 13 people sustained minor to moderate injuries, according to officials.

In yet another accident, two persons were injured near Oman Club in Al Khuwair. The injured were transferred to hospital for treatment by Bausher ambulance. 

In an accident in Rustaq yesterday, two people were injured. Their injuries varied from moderate to critical, and they were transferred by Rustaq ambulance.

Officials report that the total number of road accidents recorded through the end of March 2014 decreased by 24.4%, as 1,609 accidents were registered through March 2014, compared to 2,129 accidents recorded during the same period last year.

The number of injured also decreased by 15.6 %, as 2,352 injuries were registered during the same period in 2014, compared with 2,786 recorded last year. 

So far in 2014, the number of fatal road accidents has decreased by 6.2%, as 212 deaths were reported through the end of March 2014, compared to 226 deaths registered during the same period last year.


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