Pakistan International Airlines flight gets cancelled due to bad weather

Muscat: Twenty-seven passengers scheduled to fly from Muscat to Gwadar on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight on Saturday, instead found themselves lodged in a hotel in Ghala and will not be able to depart until next Tuesday, after the flight was cancelled due to "bad weather" conditions, according to passengers.

"We were supposed to fly at 10am. But airlines' officials informed us that due to bad weather in Gwadar the flight couldn't be operated. There are women and children among us. Even though we requested airlines' officials to find other options, they couldn't," a passenger claimed.

Lone flight
The one weekly flight to Gwadar was supposed to leave Muscat at 10am for the 90 minute flight. "As the flight is cancelled, the airlines has arranged a stay for us for three days. The stay is fine," passengers reported.

Meanwhile, Times of Oman has been unable to contact PIA officials to discuss the cancellation.
During the first week of April, more than 100 passengers bound for Lahore were also stranded at Muscat airport for nearly 13 hours when a PIA flight arrived late.

That PIA flight was supposed to depart on Monday at 12:15 am, but missed its scheduled time and left Muscat at around 12:50pm. A senior official from the PIA office in Muscat said that the flight developed a technical problem in Lahore and was late arriving in Muscat.

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