1,500 tonnes scrap burnt in Sohar fire

The scrap yard of the Sohar Steel Mills in flames. Photo – PACDA

Muscat: The fire at the scrap yard of Sohar Steel Mill on Thursday destroyed approximately 1,500 tonnes of scrap, a top official from the company claimed.

"The fire occurred at the far end of the scrap yard. So, there was no damage to the machinery.
Moreover, due to ongoing expansion work, the operations had been halted since February 17. We had a plan to open it today (Sunday). But due to some pending paper work, there may be a slight delay," G. N. Khadse, the CEO of Sohar Steel, said.

The fire which broke out in the factory was doused by Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) firefighters after a 21-hour battle.

Huge effort
"Firefighters had to exert a huge effort to extinguish the blaze," Lieutenant Colonel Ismaeel bin Karam Al Balushi, director of the Civil Defence and Ambulance in North Al Batinah Governorate, said.

"These types of fires are always difficult to control and take a long time and effort. However, the civil defence personnel eventually managed to put it out before it could spread to other places," Al Balushi said.

Investigation is under way to ascertain the reason behind the fire which caused financial losses.

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