Municipal Council votes on Muscat Festival restructuring

The Muscat Festival must target the different members of the society and there is a need to develop a more progressive vision for the festival

Muscat: In a bid to revamp the Muscat Festival to ensure it continues to grow and improve, the Municipal Council is voting today to either to postpone the event next year or in 2016.

The Municipal Council of the Governorate of Muscat held a meeting on Sunday with the participation of the Chairman of Muscat Municipality and the Chairman of the Municipal Council, Mohsin bin Mohammed Al Shaikh.

After the council's meeting, Al Shaima Al Raisi, a member of the Municipal Council, last night tweeted that the meeting discussed the postponing of Muscat Festival 2015.

"The Chairman of the Municipal Council suggested to postpone Muscat Festival 2016 and continue with 2015 in the coming year, while the members of the Municipal Council demanded to refer the issue to tomorrow's meeting for vote," said Al Raisi.

"The Muscat Festival must target the different members of society," said another member of the Municipal Council.

He told the Times of Oman: "The request came in the light of the council members' desire to develop a progressive vision for the festival in general, said one of the council members.

"The municipal council had held earlier meetings regarding Muscat Festival 2015 to find an effective way to develop its activities in coming years."

Discussions on funds
He said there were discussions about using funding allocated to the festival for civic projects such as rainwater draining.

"The council members have asked previously to restructure the festival," said the member.

He added that the Municipal Council also asked for auditing of financial and administrative and the establishment of the independent commission for the festival as Muscat Municipality remains as a technical support member.

Call for restructuring
"We have called for Muscat Festival restructuring to find a clear plan for the function in the future," said the member.

He added that the council also suggested that the auditing of financial and administrative must be under the control of the Diwan of Royal Court.

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Reader Comments

I think this is a step in the right direction. The Muscat Festival in it s current avatar is not doing anything to promote the Sultanate of Oman as a tourist destination. It is an extremely low key local show which is currently not even drawing the local populace in large numbers. I will look forward to the proposals for a complete revamp of the programme from 2015 onwards.