‘They thought... they expressed... now they won... the write way’ - Times of Oman Literary Contest winners list

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The results of the Times of Oman Literary Contest has been announced. The inaugural Times of Oman Literary Contest - a new literary initiative and first of its kind in the region - was launched by MPPH on September 1, 2013. The vision behind the contest was to encourage emerging creative writers and provide them a platform to express and benchmark themselves with the best. The submissions were open till January 9th, 2014.

The contest had separate categories for  Short Stories, General Essays and Poetry. The category for poetry was open for two age groups, 10-15 years and 15 years & above.

A spokesperson for the contest said, "Due to the overwhelming response and also the fact that majority of the entries came during the last week of the contest, the results which were initially scheduled for announcement in February had to be rescheduled to May in order the give the judges ample time to evaluate the submissions."

The evaluation was carried out by an independent panel of eminent judges comprising Donald Sargent, a connoisseur of literature and also a senior Advisor cum Trainer in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Sonia Ambrosio de Nelson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mass Communications in Sultan Qaboos University, Jane Jaffer, a British author and educationist promoting reading amongst the younger generation in Oman, Canadian author and columnist Dr. Patricia Groves and Michele Ni Thoghdha, Chief Supervisor, English, Ministry of Education, Oman.

The MPPH is also proud to have the privileged partnership of the corporate sponsors of the contest, namely M/s Jindal Shadeed, M/s Sohar Aluminium and M/s Zubair Corporation for sharing the vision involved in this latest offering.

Panel of judges
The decisions are final and based on evaluation by the independent panel of judges.

Donald SargentDr.Sonia Ambrosio de NelsonJane JafferDr. Patricia GrovesMichele Ni Thoghdha

Short Story
General Essay
Poems (15 years+)
Poems (10-15 years)

The Desert River

Echoes Of The Past
Save Our Souls ...
Save Our Lives
Arun Anantha Pai
Shreya ShreeramanI Just Want You
To Let Me Be…
Veylenta Audrey Desouza

Of Heaven, Hell & Everything In Between
Supritha Balu
Mom's The Word
Sujata Sengupta
Ankita Sadarjoshi
The Toy Seller
Maitrayee Singh
The Tree
Ashwin Goroor Vasuki

The Begining
Of The End

Haadya Khan

The Stonecutter
Criselda Monice Razo

Trolley Boy
James Dick

Najah Al Riyami

Anusree Lakshminarayan

The Garage Sale
Mariam Sciala

Annamma's Husband
Cyril Antony George

Blue Book
Raazia S Ali

The Man On
The Canvas

V Viswanathan
Russell Yusuf Ogston

Impact Of Disney Princesses On
Peoples Lives

Ashima Prakash

Erosion Of Idealism
Shahzad Ahmad

From Illusion To Illumination - Through Order And Chaos
Shyamala Iyer

The Omani Blessed Renaissance
Naresh Rao

My Father Is Abdullah (Encomium- A Tribute To My Father)
Rahma Abdullah Rashid Al Aamri

'Science Vs. Religion': A Modern Invention
Julie Poizat

The Many Folds: Blanket
Of Darkness

Ayesha Ikram Burney

Going Beyond Self
Katharine Abraham

A Selfie World
Criselda Monice
To Be A Good Liar
Ankita Sadarjoshi

Hide In Plain Sight
Rajat Ray

Poem Of The Earth
Dhruv Ganjoo

The Cocoon
Gladwin George

Sherin Susan Babu

The Little Girl On The Stone Wall
Shreya Shreeraman

From Me To You
Shilpa George

Simple Embraces
Harris Jamil Alam Khan

Library Lovers
Ankita Sadarjoshi

People Always Leave
Ankita Sadarjoshi
A Woman Is
Not A Coward

Veylenta Audrey Desouza

Mars - The Ultimate

Sandra John

Say No To Dowry
Veylenta Audrey Desouza

Witches Brew
Rahul Kumble

Cherry Blossoms
Toshali Sengupta

Broken Seashells
Gloria D Souza

Breeze Of Quietness
Ananya Sanagavaram

Man Of Stee
Basith Mohamed

The Friend Who Changed My Life
Salin Jishin George

A Prayer For
The Dying

Priya Modi


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