Oman expatriate labour ban: 2-year work restriction returns for Oman's foreign workers

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Muscat: Effective July 1, 2014, the 'two year ban' on expat workforce in Oman will be back.

In an announcement, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said no employment visa will be issued after July 1, 2014 to any foreigner who previously worked in the Sultanate and has not completed two years from the date of last departure, in keeping with the requirements of expatriates residency law and its implementing regulations.

The step is being taken in coordination with the authorities concerned with recruitment of foreigners.

A reliable source at the ROP explained that the law has been in existence for a long time but is being enforced now.

"The ROP decided that it was the right time to activate the law as we have received many recommendations from businessmen and enterprise owners," said the ROP source.

"The decision bans the expatriate workforce to join another company before completing two full years from the date of departure," said the ROP source.

If an expatriate worker has not completed two years after departure and is called to rejoin the same company after leaving the Sultanate, then such a worker will be exempt from the new decision.

Salim Al Ghammari, a member of the Municipal Council, said, "It is a positive move by the Royal Oman Police to put in place some controls in the expatriate employment."

The decision will help maintain a balance in issuance of visas for different nationalities, he noted.

"Controlling the number of expatriates will help in regulating the labour market in Oman, especially if the government stops issuing visas to those expatriates who did not complete two years after leaving the Sultanate," said Al Ghammari.

He further added that the Council had recommended strict regulations for bringing expatriate workforce to the Sultanate.

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Column: Will the 2-year ban work in the best interests of Oman?


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Reader Comments

This ban has really become a BOON for the employers and BANE for the employees who are now treated like slaves.
With this kind of attitude in the country it will only end in no care attitude of both EXPATS and LOCALS.
This imposition will affect growth and development of country.

With due respect this rule should be imposed only on new comers who shift within 2 years of joining a company and leaving.

2 year contract visa completed gon to cancel after return another company same time possible r not please reply me

I was left from oman last month but my visa expire coming 25/11/2024 may I know any possibility get new visa after 25/11/2014

Hi, I worked oman 9 month I left from exit my visa 13.06.2014 can I get oman new work visa before 2 year band will effect on month of July know.i left oman month of June date 13

I want to a work visa

For those who asking if they finished their two years or three year contract it will affect for then the new rules? Its written and clear here that if you didnt finished your two years contract you will be ban for two years in Oman, you cannot come back and you need to wait for two years. So meaning if you finished your two or three years that new rules will not affect you coz u can get your NOC or release to your employer. What a silly question! Please.... More questions here need to answer first like if they can get or ask NOC or release to their employer coz they dont want and they cant stay any longer to their company than to that stupid question. Cheer up man! Wake up!

Dear sir : im completed 3 years in . If I go India exit
Can I came back in oman again in another company
It is possible please reply me

I am completing my 2 yrs in my existing company on coming December 10, If another concern I got the job will this law will affect my new visa process , please clear my issue

who will ensure expat minimum salary/ leave issue whether rop or employee?
& next thing oman all project are desert based. all omani are getting 15 days off in a month. but expat engineer 9 month completing job even he is not get 15 days off.all are man.searching for good options.

What if the employee cant stay any longer to the company due of their situations? Leaving and staying like dump site they called accommodation? Working without any benefits and against to their designated working visa? No specific date for their salary? They dont have any choice chance to choose to live and work in a better way and good condition? Did ROP also concern to them whos working hard for the company and to employer or concern only to the employer? Where is the human rights here? Its really bad and sad for those who suffering employee this new rules. One more thing, in case of canceling the visa as employee, do we really need to pay 200+ OMR to the company? If we need to pay why they cant give release instead of cancellation??? Just wondering why....

If an Employee terminated by a company / Company Shutdown before 2 years, same ban will applicable for him also ?

I am going to finish my present contract after 3 months is it possible to return back in new job , is the new law affect me..?

On Dt.10/06/2014 I left the existing company and I am going to get my job in another company...will I get any problem of getting new visa?

I am came in India on date 23/02/013 from oman without cancelling my visa i am didnt went to return to oman after came, this new law will affect for me? pls advise.....

what is the status now visa rules,if completing 2 yrs labour visa,then cancelled can able to come new sponser new visa wil get r not pls reply

I cancelled my visa and came back from Oman on January 8th. new law will affect me? pls advise.....

Sree, no problem.u can come back. because I cancelled my visa last june 7th 2014. and I returned on june 21st with new need to worry

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