Oman expatriate labour ban: 2-year work restriction returns for Oman's foreign workers

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Muscat: Effective July 1, 2014, the 'two year ban' on expat workforce in Oman will be back.

In an announcement, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said no employment visa will be issued after July 1, 2014 to any foreigner who previously worked in the Sultanate and has not completed two years from the date of last departure, in keeping with the requirements of expatriates residency law and its implementing regulations.

The step is being taken in coordination with the authorities concerned with recruitment of foreigners.

A reliable source at the ROP explained that the law has been in existence for a long time but is being enforced now.

"The ROP decided that it was the right time to activate the law as we have received many recommendations from businessmen and enterprise owners," said the ROP source.

"The decision bans the expatriate workforce to join another company before completing two full years from the date of departure," said the ROP source.

If an expatriate worker has not completed two years after departure and is called to rejoin the same company after leaving the Sultanate, then such a worker will be exempt from the new decision.

Salim Al Ghammari, a member of the Municipal Council, said, "It is a positive move by the Royal Oman Police to put in place some controls in the expatriate employment."

The decision will help maintain a balance in issuance of visas for different nationalities, he noted.

"Controlling the number of expatriates will help in regulating the labour market in Oman, especially if the government stops issuing visas to those expatriates who did not complete two years after leaving the Sultanate," said Al Ghammari.

He further added that the Council had recommended strict regulations for bringing expatriate workforce to the Sultanate.

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Column: Will the 2-year ban work in the best interests of Oman?


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Reader Comments

I came back to Oman on June 21st and joined in a new company. Still company didnt arranged Resident/Labour card for me due to the absence of local sponsor in Oman. Now Eid holidays declared and I wish to go to India. But with out receiving labour card is it possible to go to India and come back again ? please advise..

Right now I am working with one company in Oman (last 5 years)and I have plan to resign after September2014,and want to join another company in Oman , Is it possible in new Rule ?Please answer....

not good

I am going to finish my present contract after 3 months is it possible to return back in new job , is the new law affect me..?

Will this rule maintain the growth phase of Sultanate? I think this rule will de-accelerate the growth.

I think, Omanisation is must but Govt want to decide its percentage on a companys total manpower other than implementing these types of rules.

My company (M/s Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG) has given one month notice and terminated my contract without mentioning any reason before completion of my two years contract. Regarding this I made a written complain in labor department (Ruby Office) and informed to my company. Looking the seriousness of Matter Company first threatened me. While I had not bow, then company HR Department called me and made a compromise and they gave me two month salary in advance without work and they have not recovered Furniture Advance which was almost OR 2700/00. By the way at that Time Company has not given any NOC to me. Please sagest how can I get employment VISA from the other company.

I am working more than two year in Oman with same company and my company project going to finish September 2014, after that Company work going to closed in Oman. On this condition what is the rule for employee because I am not going to resign from the company. Please update on this condition.

Being a doctor iam not in favour of his law,because if iam going to my country due to any reason from 1st sponser being cancelled and then staying there for 2 years so my liecence will be cancelled as it is only for 1 year if u stay outside oman.Then u have to appear again in the iam not comfortabe with this section of law chang.

Sad news for construction workers especially. Soon, employees here may face employers tough rules and harsh organizational behaviors. Selection of right employer shall be a big risk. One wrong move in selecting an employer and employees shall struggle for years to correct the decision

ohh This is very very sad news

if project was completed befour time company not having any projects in hand this time that company send there employees to their native place ,but this is not humanity ,is it right employee send befour their contract perieds is it right think just,
u should fine the company those how r doing this iam not satisfied with there desicions

If company project finished before employee visa and company no job or work in Oman, in this condition please clear the condition of Visa.

pls change this rule this is not good for and also for labours which they are struggle for oman during past years pls think about it

At last it will badly affect the progress of the country.

I believe Oman needs more development and to develop his country manpower should be must and this ban orders will stop the growth of developing Oman. therefore I would like to request ROP to think about ban.