Oman expatriate labour ban: Good news for employers but not for foreign workers

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Muscat: The two-year ban announcement on the return of expat workforce has received mixed reactions countrywide.  

While some feel that it will help regulate the job market, others think that this will limit the expatriates' options.

Speaking to the Times of Oman, chairman of General Federation of Oman Trade Unions Nabhan Al Battashi said that this decision would help regulate the job market.

"This will also prevent expatriates to shift from one place to another which is sometimes not justified.
Some of the expatriates were exploiting the old regulations by leaving the country and then returning after a short time to work for another sponsor in a different job," he said.

The president of the Bangladesh Social Club, Mohammed Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, said that the ruling is good news for employers but not at all for all the employees as they can't change jobs now. "I think people should be allowed to change jobs," he viewed.

Terming this as a move to regulate the job market, general manager, Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve & Masira Island Resort, Vijay Handa said that this would also lend stability to the companies since people won't be able to jump from one company to another easily.

A manager of a construction company said: "We will not be able to employ specialised people from the local market and so the employers will also suffer. A large number of foreigners will not be interested in working in Oman where there will be no scope of changing jobs."

Column: Will the 2-year ban work in the best interests of Oman?


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Reader Comments

Woow what a rule, what if a employee is new to overseas, and by his bad luck he got a bad employer. He have to stick to his employer even he is been troubled and not paid at proper time.How far you think this rule fare..??

Two year ban work in the oman is not at all best interest of oman. Foreigners will not be interested in working in oman and employer will exploit the employee and force them to work in the same salary. Good People will not get better opportunity with in oman and they will move to another country.

You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I’ve read through anything like that before. So good to discover somebody with original thoughts on this issue. Really.. many thanks for starting this up.More .

it is really bad nws for us because if i get good job before 2 years i have to cancelled the visa and i want to join next company but this rule connt help to us ................................

In most of the cases the law will be misused by employers. then employers will also suffer when they wont find experienced and professional locals.
There must be another law annexed to this law that the companies should be bound to issue NOC to employees after a certain number of years of service or after two years of job.

at least expats are not lazy... omanis come to the office to work no but to talk whole day... drink tea, play with their mobile pretend to work. that is working goodluck.....

Hi... Kindly any one explain... I am getting my visa expired in October 2014. Can i change my job to another company. If i change Two Years ban will applicable for me. Kindly assist me.

To all the BEGGAR Indians BEGGING for jobs over here in Oman - if you dont like working under Omans laws - go back to your beggar third world country & beg for jobs over there - instead of giving useless lectures over here. If your beggar third world country India is so TALENTED.. why are they producing so many BEGGARS like you BEGGING over jobs in foreign countries such as Oman?? You are here because of the UNLIMITED GREED of a few FILTHY CORRUPT INDIAN (& OMANI) BUSINESSMEN who are now ROTTING in OMANI JAILS - but in the end, you are merely TEMPORARY workers - and accordingly - be prepared to LEAVE/BE KICKED OUT of OMAN..

What if the employee gets terminated by the employer . Wil employers pay to employee for the remaining months..... pls advice...

I know a friend who is not working for 2 years, since he was terminated by the company 2 years ago and his case is in the court. This new law will give him double punishment. No. 1 is termination with two years without work has already passed and no. 2 is two more years of punishment for getting terminated two years ago. This means a ban of 4 years. I feel that government should have a separate working mechanism for similar cases.

Do the local in Oman work? they just come while their time and go off. all the work is being done by expats. This ban is not justified

This law is really unjustified, discriminating and disgusting for expats and for development of Oman. In that case the country of Oman can loose the senior experienced people from rest of the world. The Change of job for any one is not an easy task, whenever some one switch job he has to struggle & adjust from start to understand the environment of such company, this company could not be beneficial for long run so that to change job frequently already discourage the chance of recruitment all over the world. Most of time employee switch over job due to bad behavior and reward against his services done. To penalize and discourage frequent change government can impose some sort of fine that has to benefit the employer because he has paid the visa charges for such employee but it is not justified to restrict someones independence, this will be unlike by all over the world other than some harsh employers who treat to employees like a slave. This will promote the slavery in Sultanate of Oman that is not good such a lovely peaceful country we love to be live here but with hope of easy independent environment.

Hello friends,, Oman do not need Employees who have talent,, they just want Slaves,,

Now Slave market will boom very good in Oman..

expatriates , for whatever reason working in oman ,have a major part and contribution in its development and day to day buisness. And its needs to be realised and appreciated . The minimum is that they should be honoured , should be given due respect and they deserve nice words of thanks for their hard work and contribution in oman development process. But what i have been seeing in newspapers for the last few years and previously occasionally , the discussion , the articles or the rules and regulations for employees , makes an unfriendly feelings and environment between expatraiates and local omani populations.feelings of expatriates as they are unwanted people in this country . feelings in omanis as expatriates are not required or not wanted or a burdon on its economy. i think this creates an hostile behaviour against each other. the new rules not at all good for expatriates . in most cases they will be harrased , made to work under pressures , rights for claiming promotions, benefits etc will be compromised . always under threat and fear. may be dysloyality and lack of devotion and motivation etc. sometimes some professional and expert persons posts are omanised . it is ok if qualified omani comes and replace an expatriate this is his right. but that expatriates is an asset to oman if allowed to work in another company with another sponsor. who will wait 2 years to come to oman. he may be able to use his expertise and professional experiece in his country or any other country.. anyway to me the most important factor is to promote a mutual respect/honour and confidence etween local omani population and expatriates by some how. job, work, money all secondary things .If oman is expat friendly , the buisness ,the tourism and development will flourish. at present 1.5 millian local population and 1.4 million expats , but if the their is development boom double of this population can still be accomodated easily with much brighter future . good luck to oman and expatriates

It is not for employees of others countries