Oman expatriate labour ban: Expats with NOCs able to join new jobs

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Muscat: Expatriates who procure a "no objection certificate" (NOC) from their employer can join a new place of work without any restriction, Said bin Saleh Al Kiyoumi, chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), has clarified.

Speaking to the Times of Oman's sister publication Al Shabiba, he said that as per Article 11 in the Passport and Residence Act, any expat workers in Oman who leave their jobs will not be able to return to the country for two years, but clarified that as per the old law, expats with a "no objection certificate" from their sponsor can return to a new job. "So the same criteria that existed will apply with regard to the no objection certificate rule," he said.

Al Kiyoumi said the business community has welcomed the government's move to impose two-year ban on foreign workers to re-enter the country on a new employment visa because "it protects their rights and organises the labour market". He said this law has been a long-standing demand of the OCCI and businessmen at large, and is a positive decision.

He explained that the Chamber has been receiving many complaints from businessmen and citizens whose businesses were being negatively affected since this rule was relaxed. Thanking the vice-president of the Supreme Council for Planning and the Inspector General of Police and Customs for their prompt response to the demands of businessmen, he said, "It will enhance the overall performance of the private sector."

Meanwhile, reacting to "no objection certificate" rule, Salim Al Mashani, Majlis Al Shura member, Taqa, said, "I welcome this move. I believe it's everyone's right to be able to opt for their choice of workplace. My only concern is that people shouldn't misuse this law."

Al Mashani said though some people might resist the activation of the new law now, they would eventually get used to it in a couple of years.

"This is a positive move for the business houses. Employees need to show loyalty rather than hopping from one company to another. Anyway, now with the no objection certificate element included into the new ruling, it has become completely fair to both employers' and employees' points of view," said G. Roy who owns an entertainment company.


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Reader Comments

I have finished 2year in my company, can I change to other company without noc.

i hav 7years of experience in my month im going to finish my two year.i got a better job in another company..plz clarify if the rule is implemented?or canseled?whether the rule is affeted me negativily

After completion of two years contract I resign, and later apply for a new job will I be allowed to enter oman?

Can anybody clarify this ruling? Is the 2 year ban valid for a person who exited before 1st July, for a person left his job in May 2014? or the ban is valid only for those who leave Oman after 1st July 2014?

None of the businessman never worke for the goodwill of the labour,most of the businessmen willnot give NOC from the labour law not suproting labour,daily im the paper news coming so many labour voilated labour rule,but how many businessmen are caught, in Oman labour supplier making money by labour supling,,the businessman renting the labour to a 3rd party more wages but the labour will get less money

if i complete my running visa, then can i join a new company after getting a new visa of another company. Please clearfy me. Thanks.

please clarify that if an employ complete 2years with his company. and didnt like to contineu ( not re - new) the ban wil efect him or not??? please ...any one

this is totally unfair!!if u set on way of finishing a first two years contract can move on a better choice that would be ok!most of us work a several years in a company w/c cant afford our needs. Of course we seek a better one now there is no chance anymore not all evrythng was I favor of company who will only benefits on this rule..We r still hoping that u will look the fact that oman needs try to consider the first two yrs of contrct end and can move to better one w/o any NOC.. As we all know no one will issue an NOC

Most of the business will not give Noc , if the rule give any benifite to labour

Is any deference between NOC and CLEARANCE

company side is ok in the law.foreign workers are no benefit and increment,another way you are fixing the salary also.

What it meaning , only a NOC or Release ?

The ban is only valid on those who DO NOT continue their contract for the full duration. Additionally, releases and transfers of an expat employee from one employer to another is still permissible and allowed based on the current rules and regulations.


sir, let me know, exist paper and NOC is same or different

.... Government must stablish a minimum wage to any both private and government.
Analyze, and review salary wage brackets and implement wage/salary standardization program.
Any directive must complement both the.employer and the employee.

My question is to Mr.G.Roy who thinks this is a positive move.
Did you mean Expatriate employees should be loyal to their employers or did you employees in General , cause out here its say nothing about the Nationals