Oman Road Safety Association suggests points-based system for traffic offence

Muscat: Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA) has suggested including the mandatory use of child seats/seat belts in the rear seat, helmet for cyclists and introduction of a points-based system for offenders in the upcoming traffic law.

ORSA members attended a meeting convened by the Legislative and Legal Committee of the Shura Council to discuss the draft amendments to the traffic law.

Rapid developments
"The legislation must keep pace with the rapid developments that occur in the community," ORSA member said.

The attendees discussed the traffic law amendments that were suggested. They expressed their views and discussed all aspects of the law referred by the government to the Council.

Thanks to Shura
Amor Al Matani, Oman Road Safety Association's Board Member, said, "We thank the Shura Council for hosting us and listening to our proposals. We commend the involvement of civil society, especially the Association, in drafting legislation.

"We seek to keep up with legislation and penalties especially in light of the developments in technology. It is time to put an end to loss of innocent lives due to recklessness, flexible legislation and poor implementation of some clauses of law."

The meeting was chaired by Said bin Ghanem Al Muqbali in the presence of their excellencies, the members of the committee.

Amor bin Nasser Al Matani, a Board Member of the Association, and Shaima bint Murtadha Al Lawati, Chief Executive Officer of the Association, attended the meeting as representatives of the Oman Road Safety Association.


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Reader Comments

The three Es of road safety

A penalty point or demerit point system. The objective of point assessment of drivers is:
To prevent violation of road traffic rules by deterrence, specifically by threat of driving licence
To eliminate the drivers that repeatedly commit serious traffic violations, and therefore they
become dangerous to other road users when driving motor vehicle.
To create transparent and unambiguously defined system of sanctions of offenders
enforcement function: To avoid recidivism of dangerous behaviours
educational function: To improve knowledge about the impairments of the traffic system and
awareness of the social aspect of driving (responsibilities of the driver and sharing of the road)
Selective aspect: the system takes off the road the drivers committing more often violations (zero
points=licence cancelled)
Corrective aspect: you never lose your licence with only one violation.
Shura Council can better encourage traffic education and invest in building better road engineering before imposing Point System.