Muscat Municipality Council call for integrated public transport

Muscat: An integrated public transportation system that serves all sections of people, would go a long way in curbing Muscat's perpetual gridlock.

This was the common refrain as the Municipal Council of Muscat Governorate hosted representatives of Spanish Inco Consultant Company,  assigned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, for public transport development project in the Sultanate: Phase I – Muscat Governorate.

The company's representatives gave a presentation on their study which aims to reduce traffic jams, minimise environmental impacts of the current system and enhance economic benefits by improving the public transportation system.

An improved public transportation will also create more jobs and raise incomes of workers in this sector, while also giving a boost to tourism in the governorate.

The study reviewed the scope of the work, which includes creating an integrated public transportation system to serve all segments of the society, the creation of a regulating mechanism, and creating an integrated tariff system and funding mechanism for the implementation of the plans proposed by the study.


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