CBSE Board results: Sohar school students make school proud

Muscat: The students of Indian School Sohar made their school proud again by posting a fabulous result. Out of 149 students who appeared for Class X CBSE Examination 2014, five secured perfect 10 CGPA.

They are: Ashini Najeena Jaleel, Swapnil Gupta, Hiral Rajesh Moliya, Evelyn Maria and K Shwetha. The number of A1 grades in various subjects is also high. The school is committed to raise the bar & achieve better result.

The School management Committee and the Principal congratulated the students for their fantastic performance and thanked their parents for their continued support and co-operation.


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Reader Comments

Well done !!! ISS students who all got CGPA 10 and those who got A1 grade.