Ivory Coast-based firm plans $150m cocoa project in Oman

Abidjan: CKG Holding, an Abidjan, Ivory Coast-based company, plans to open a cocoa factory in Oman in 2015 amid growing chocolate demand in the Middle East and India.

The $150 million factory in Salalah will have capacity to process 50,000 tonnes of cocoa beans a year with opening planned for the end of next year, Charles Kader Goore, chairman of CKG, said by phone from Madrid on May 20. It will be a joint venture of Oman and CKG under the name of Chocolatry of Oman. "This project will enable us to supply the markets of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the entire region where there is a big potential," Goore said.

The cocoa beans used will come from Ivory Coast and Ghana, the world's largest growers, he said. CKG already operates SN Chocodi, the Abidjan-based processing plant bought from Barry Callebaut (BARN) in 2008.


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