Civil aviation engineers in Oman to upgrade skills

Muscat: The next generation of engineering graduates from Oman will receive specialist training from air traffic management company, NATS.

Delegates from Muscat and Salalah airports will attend a series of 16-week courses run at NATS' training college in Hampshire. The training will begin with English language lessons followed by expert 'Air Traffic Safety for Electronics Personnel' training.

The Omani Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) wants all its engineers to achieve ATSEP compliance by 2016.

Saleh Abdullah Nasser Al-Harthy, Director Air Navigation Services at PACA, said: "Aviation in Oman is currently going through a rapid transformation and PACA is making huge investments in our technology, infrastructure and, most importantly, our people."


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Reader Comments

It is beneficial for these next generation engineering graduates to receive training. The training that they will receive will provide them with better understanding in the engineering field.