Oman to provide Broadband to all residents

Muscat: The government is making every effort to provide broadband services to all residents in the country, says Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, minister of transport and communications.

"We have infrastructure networks going out in the country successfully. For example, the electricity network is expanding and is reaching to very remote areas, and we can use utilise it to improve the telecom network," Al Futaisi told the Times of Oman.

According to experts participating in the workshop, costs of civil works can be reduced by sharing trenches, especially with electricity and water projects.

Internet to SMEs
Earlier, commenting on the contribution of broadband projects to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Amer bin Awadh Al Rawas, Omantel's chief executive officer said that these business units will be able to get faster internet at lower prices which will facilitate their activities.

Also SMEs will be involved in the implementation of the projects which means many jobs will be created, the official added.


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