Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry takes precautionary measures for possible tropical storm Nanauk affects

A satellite photo released by NASA

Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has taken all precautionary measures to avail foodstuffs at the local markets and provide oil products at the fuel filling stations as the Sultanate is expected to be affected by the tropical storm Nanauk during the coming period.

Mahmoud bin A'mer al- Hattali, Assistant Director General at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that a number of measures have been taken to avoid any shortage of foodstuff or fuels when the Sultanate becomes affected in the coming days by the Tropical storm Nanauk.

He pointed out that there is a direct coordination with the shopping malls to avail consumer goods at all governorates. Coordination has also been maintained with the fuel products marketing companies to ensure enough fuels supplies at the filling stations and be ready for any shortage.

He affirmed that communication has been maintained with all directorates and administrations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry at the various governorates to follow up the status during the storm period.


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Reader Comments

A proactive measure to safeguard one and all.

ALLAH is greatest

may Almighty Allah keep everyone safe from nanauk. amen.