Royal Oman Police seize 2.5 tonnes of shrimps

Photo - ONA

Sur: Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in South Sharqiyah Region in collaboration with Royal Oman Police (ROP) seized 2.5 tonnes of shrimps that were caught before the legal catching season of shrimps.

The consignment, which was on its way for the markets, was caught in violation of the provision of the Ministerial Decision No. 106/2013 which ban catching all types of shrimps during their production period.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has drafted many bylaws and legislations that regulate fishing of shrimps. Catching of shrimps is allowed only in September, October and November each year.


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Reader Comments

It is very soothing to know that OMANI LAWS are implemented strictly to abide and who does not follow should be punished. Round of applause to the government & related ministries.