Visit visa regulations have to be followed despite ‘visa on arrival’: Oman Legal Expert

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My mother-in-law is a US citizen and she is entitled for visit visa on arrival. Once she arrived in Oman, the immigration officer at airport had issued her a visa and advised that it could be extended by one month upon expiry. After one month, when she visited again they issued her an extension of one month and informed us that her visa shall not be renewed further.

Irrespective of one's nationality or origin, the rule is the same in Oman for all expatriates. There is no such provision in the laws and rules of the Sultanate of Oman that would grant an extension to your mother-in-law for her continuous stay in Oman. She can exit to a neighbouring country and then enter Oman again on another visit visa. This is the only solution available to you as of today.

I am working in an Oil and Gas Trading Company. I had joined on June 4, 2012. My visa expiry date is June 4, 2014.  On May 20,  2014, I had resigned with two weeks' notice due to my visa expiry on the same date.   As per my contract, if I leave the company, I should submit resignation with one month's prior notice. I want to know if I want to leave the company early or on visa expiring date, how can it be done?

In case of employees who signed a contract with their employers, the notice period will be subject to the contractual provisions and this shall be binding on both parties. In the absence of any specific contract between the parties, the notice period will be one month for both parties and this is mandated by the law. The parties shall declare their intention of non-renewal prior to the beginning of the notice period.

This is for facilitating a smooth and cordial relationship between the contracting parties.

In your case, you mentioned that you have not signed any agreement with the employer and therefore, you are entitled to leave the job upon expiry of your present resident visa. This is completely wrong interpretation of the law and this will not be granted as a right per se. Nevertheless, if your employer is showing the magnanimity of reducing your notice period, it is well and good and there are no issues.
Also, you cannot force the employer to accept one month's salary in lieu of your notice period, as this is the absolute prerogative of the employer. 

Also an employer cannot be directed by any authority to do any favour to the employee due to the imminent enforcement of any law that would be detrimental to the employee in the near future. Laws are made and enforced with specific dates and every law will have its causalities and beneficiaries.

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My wife is in Oman in visit visa and she is pregnant. she was about to travel back 2 months back but due to health issues she couldnt. Her visa is going to expire on 11th of June 2014 and delivery date is on 13th of june. She already got one month extension and now when we went for one more extension after getting the doctors certificate attested from ministry of health, it got rejected. I know that she can stay there by paying fine. But i would like to know how can we get passport for new born baby. i am also on visit visa. Only her parents are having resident visa. Thanking you in advance.

i have resigned from my company and exit on 15 Jun 2014 from Saltanat of Oman. Now i have an offer from some other company in Oman, can i re enter Oman or ban has been imposed on my entry to Oman for 2 yrs according to new Oman Labour Law

I am bringing my family on visit visa here to Oman and later on can it be changed & converted to Family resident visa here during these 3 months tenure without exiting the country?