Royal Oman Police arrests 6 people on criminal charges

ROP officials in Liwa raided the bootleggers’ hideout and arrested the miscreants.Photo – ROP

Drug peddlars held
Two persons of Asian nationality were arrested on charges of peddling drugs in the wilayat of Seeb. The ROP said that one of the accused was arrested red-handed when he was handing over the 277 capsules of morphine, weighing more than 500 grams, to the second accused.

It was later found that the first accused had entered the country illegally and was also connected to international gangs involved in smuggling narcotics.

Fake visas
The Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) in Ibri has arrested an Asian person on charges of dealing in fake visas. A report with the police stated that the accused was helping fellow citizens in obtaining visas, but was later found to have been dealing in forged visas.

The Royal Oman Police has arrested three persons of Asian nationality in the wilayat of Liwa on charges of bootlegging.


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