National Centre for Statistics and Information conducts staff training to collect Khareef season details

The visitors’ survey will also include recording visitors’ feedback while leaving Salalah– File photo

Muscat: National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) conducted the second training session for staff about the planned survey of Khareef Salalah visitors this year.
The training, conducted last week  in Salalah, focused on procedures of counting visitor numbers, interacting with them for the purposes of seeking answers to survey questionnaire and ways to correctly use the field devices used in collecting data.

The training session also focused on the importance of capturing relevant and accurate data in a short time period.

In the second training session conducted by the NCSI, the field representatives were trained in collecting data regarding vehicles with plate numbers from other countries including the number of the plate, colour of the car, and information about the owner.

The visitors' survey will also include recording visitors' feedback while leaving Salalah, in addition to the points discussed in the first survey conducted in Muscat.

All the visitors to the Khareef Salalah will be counted during the Khareef period from June 21 – September 21, with the aim to collect data about their nationality and place of residence.
The NCSI representatives will be positioned at the Hareet outlet, Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport to collect data from the visitors about their nationality, place of residence, and the purpose of visit as also about where they plan to stay during their holidays.


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